Friday, January 22, 2016

First Letter from MTC

Full missionary now! cool huh. anyways I have 20 minutes today so i will say as much as i can. 

First of all I'm alive! I'm doing well. And second of all yes i won.  The MTC has been great so far. I've got a great companion and he is so eager to teach and to serve. His name is Elder Osborn. Glad to be with him. He's like the same person as me. We played tennis in High School and we love basketball as well. My district is so great. I can tell how nervous we all are but we are starting to bond. Today during study today i just said hey everyone can we all just share our favorite scriptures and talk about them for a few minutes? it was a great experience. The two other elders said to me... I'm so glad we did that because i normally don't like to talk to everyone but it was fun to be able to share a little bit.

The rest of our zone is pretty fun. They are just like a bunch of high school/college guys haha. Its been nice to be able to chat with people that have more experience than us... although its only a week. We were talking with the current zone leaders and they wanted us to guess how long they had been at the MTC. We thought they had been there longer but nope. 7 days more haha.

So first day. I get dropped off and i walk with my greeter and we go to the main building to get our name tags. Then we go through the store and get some other materials that we will need. Finally he takes me to my room to drop off my things and shows me where my class is. I walk in and the teacher gives me a big ol bear hug. Great guy. Then he tell us who our companions are and we walk over to a welcome meeting by the MTC presidency. then we got the opportunity to see a global broadcast training for missionaries around the world. It was like a devotional but with some interaction from missionaries at the meeting. After the meeting we went back to our room and unpacked to prepare for the second day.

Day two was mostly personal and companion study time. Today seemed to be WAY longer but im alright with it. We also met with our Branch Presidency and talked with them for a few hours. Tomorrow is our first experience in teaching an "investigator" who is really just a member pretending not to be. I'm excited to see how i do. 

Fun Fact: Sister Smith is in my district. first day she walks in... I'm like Hey Laure.... i mean sister smith ahha. Its been weird calling everyone sister and elder.

So i was notified to day that i have been assigned to be one of the zone leaders starting on Sunday. I have no idea what that means or what i have to do, but i do know that on Wednesday, i am one of the greeters for new missionaries! so tell savanna I'm living her dream :P

Our P-Day will be next Thursday as well. Today we didn't have a PDay because its only the second day. So ill email again in a week. We don't have travel plans yet but we will know them before next Thursday so i can let you know what is going on.

I love it here in the MTC. Im glad i chose to serve and theres no place id rather be. Pictures to come later i promise!

Love you all! I'm sure you are doing well.

Elder Carter

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