Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Allergies Galore

Hi family :)

A couple few months ago i was wondering why i was getting so sick all the time. Well Sister Gardner suggested i go in to get tested for allergies. so i did. They tested me for 56 different things... and i'm allergic to 40 of them. Most of them are severe too. The doctor said i was literally allergic to the months march through October. Super fun! But hey now that we got that figured out i can finally start fixing it!

But this week has been pretty awesome. We have had so many nice people. We taught this one lady named Kassi and she was super accepting. She wants to learn more about what happens after we die which is perfect because that's what we share anyways haha. We are going back to her house this Thursday. Hopefully she will want to continue to learn! The gospel would be so good for her family!

In other news we had the cops called on us this week! That was a pretty cool experience. We were just walking down the street and this cop pulled up next to us and got out and was like "hey are you guys selling stuff?" we said nah we are just missionaries, sharing a message about Christ. He said some lady down the street called the cops on us because she thought we were scary. So that was pretty fun!

This week should go by super fast. Tomorrow is district meeting and then Wednesday is interviews with the mission president and then the weekend is General Conference! I'm so excited for General Conference! I love being able to hear what the apostles and prophet have to say to the people. Hopefully they will provide some good insight in this crazy world we live in today!
Talk to you next week! Should have some more fun things!

Elder Carter

Monday, September 19, 2016

Zone Conference with Elder Fallabella.

Hello family!

This week has been so dang good. so many things have happened!

So last p-day we went to this cookie shop called Ilene's cookies. Oh man they were so dang good. They reminded me of that one cookie shop in Utah that Uncle Blake took us to. Sept it was better!
We also played volleyball again. i'm going to be good when i get back i can tell. I got a few calls from the U.S. Olympic team but i had to turn them down cause i'm a missionary. And Coke wanted to sponsor me but i don't drink soda so that didn't work out. Or maybe none of that happened and i'm really not that good. its either one of those.

And i went on exchanges on Tuesday! I went with Elder Hubbard! it was so awesome. We taught all the people. Learned a lot and got some good advice for missionary work in the future

Then on Saturday we had a super sweet zone conference. Elder Fallabella From the first quorum of the seventy can and gave us some instruction. It was so good. It answered a lot of questions that i had concerning my area. He related our missionary efforts to the efforts of Ammon and Aaron in the Book of Mormon and told us that we should be focusing on the head of the household at all costs. Only after we have tried everything to teach the father should we continue to teach the other members of the family alone. So hopefully we will be able to do that. We have a few situations where that is applicable. There should be some more pictures on the facebook page! probably not as many because Sister Gardner was busy with other things but still!

It seemed like this week we were so busy teaching people. Everywhere we went there was someone that we were able to share the message of the restoration with. There are so many people that are prepared to hear the gospel! Like it says, the field is white... and when you harvest... the whole field gets harvested. we just gotta thrust in our sickle with our might, everything else is taken care of haha. Hard work and a testimony is all you need!

my dad asked these questions:
Is it getting colder yet? Its getting a little colder. Its about 70-80 degrees usually which is nice. still humid though
What do you do for exercise? Push-ups and sit ups. I'm up to 45 push-ups in a row.
Will you stay in the same area longer now that you are a DL? no. I will probably be transferred at the end of this transfer.
What perks do DL's get that others don't? none haha. I just give trainings every week and do exchanges with the other missionaries and do baptismal interviews
Are there Sisters in your District? yes 2 sets
Did you even catch the wild turkey? no. It disappeared. But there are so many turkeys around here. 

Anyways thats about it for this week! 
Love you all!

Elder Carter

p.s. this picture is us leaving for zone conference. (left to right) elder Hubbard, elder Hughes, me, and elder Christensen.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Super Secret Seventy Session

Hello family! what a wonderful week it has been! Hope its been the same for you!

In light of 9/11 yesterday, I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice many have made for this country. I'm grateful that I can do what I'm doing now because of those before us. In this time of remembrance I would turn everyone's mind to the saviors sacrifice as well. There was no greater sacrifice in all of history than his. The world was never the same because of him. 

So this week was so awesome. We are teaching a family named the Castaneda's. They are super sweet. 3 of their kids want to be baptized so we are working on helping them meet the requirements. I'm hoping that they will be able to be baptized in the next few weeks. As long as they wake up for church on Sundays haha. They are so awesome though.

In other news, our mission president invited my companion and I to a meeting held by the area seventy in charge of our area. In short, it was INSPIRING. He talked about miracles and faith for most of the time. Our mission president is really trying to start all the newer missionaries on a path that will lead to success. He doesn't want the statistics to "corrupt" our minds. The normal statistic on our mission is 1.4 baptisms per year per missionary. Elder Carpenter (the area 70) shared so many miracles from his mission where the average was 1 per missionary per mission. Those stories have increased my faith so much and we have been working so hard to find those that are prepared. Because of that, my companion and I are CONFIDENT that we are going to be lead to those that will accept us this transfer. There are two sisters in our mission that are prime examples of this. One of them is... SISTER SMITH. Good ol' two T is represented strong! She and her companion have been able to find and help so many people progress towards eternal life. They were able to teach me how they are able to do that. And so we will be trying to work on that this transfer, and we have ALREADY seen so much more success from it.

This week is zone conference with another member of the 70. It's going to be so good. I am so excited for this opportunity. Also this week my companion and I are going on exchanges with the zone leaders so that should be so fun. I'm excited to see how I can be a better missionary and better leader! Its going to be great!

But that's about it i think! Keep on keepin on! You guys are awesome don't forget it!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day

Hello everyone! 

Again apologies for the lateness, All the libraries were closed. I don't know why but all the holidays seem to fall on mondays... But oh well. here we are.

This week is transfers! Actually tomorrow is transfers. I am not getting transfered this time but i suspect that next transfer i will be. I get to stay in good ol greenview for another 6 weeks! i'm pretty happy about that.

I forgot to mention the last couple weeks that i got the package from the 5th ward! it was quite nice! Thanks for all the letters and candy and the tie! Always a good time getting things from home!

But this week had some ups and downs. At the begining of the week we found like 3 families that seemed pretty promising! we taught them the restoration and they all seemed interested but unfortunately the return appointments fell through. So hopefully this week we will be able to go back and teach them. Thats what we are going to be focusing on in the future is getting SOLID return appointments. I think its mostly my fault because we aren't reminding the people before so they can be there. But we will get it i'm sure.

Last week for P-day we played some super fun games of Volleyball with a couple of the members in our area. It was so so so fun. I finally got to realize my dream of being a setter for a volley ball team. But man volleyball is fun. we are playing again thisnext monday so i will be sure to get some pictures. And I hope katie knows that i'm comin for her when i get back. there will be a new volleyball master in town. haha.

I did bring my camara so attached are some more pictures from trainer/Trainee and my district picture.

Well talk to you all next week!


ELder Andy Carter