Monday, August 14, 2017



This week was transfers again! I didn't get transferred... But i did get a new companion. His name is Elder Brinkerhoff. He's a good guy and i am super excited to be comps with him. He's super funny. A country boy from a small town of 160 in southern Utah. He's a real Cowboy. kinda.

We are teaching this young family. The Parents names are Nancy and Alfredo. They are super awesome. This last week we went over and they expressed that they have been having some rough times. And we had an amazing lesson with them about trials. I Know that the trials that i have had have allowed me to be able to testify about the purpose of trials and how we can over come them. Hopefully they will be able to progress and get baptized soon.

This upcoming week is going to be so wild. We have so much stuff going on... so tomorrow, we have been invited to sing the national anthem with a few other missionaries for a Triple A baseball game. It's going to be so sweet. 
Then we have Two District Meetings and we are doing service for a food bank here too. We will also be on exchanges this Wednesday too.

Then on Friday we have 2 companionships coming from out west to stay with us over night because President Nelson is coming to Omaha and is giving a special Missionary meeting on Saturday. I'm so excited for it. I'm sure it will be amazing. The president Of the quorum of the twelve apostles doesn't tour missions. He is too busy. We are so blessed.

My parents asked me a few questions that i will answer for everyone:
How many wards does your companionship cover? just one for now. We sort of covered two last transfer because one area closed but they reopened it.

Do you have anyone ready for baptism? Sortof? They haven't been coming to church so we are waiting a little longer.

How many people, on average, are on your list of investigators? anywhere for 1-8 or so.

Do you ever run into foreign languages? Like 40% of our area is Spanish haha. We also run into a lot of African people

I don't think you have told us too much about what your day/weeks are like as a zone leader and what you do, or what your responsibilities are, so let us know what it is that you do with your time now.
It's kinda crazy some weeks. Like this week we have a ton of meetings. We do get to do some pretty cool stuff sometimes... like sing the national anthem. We also are in charge of setting up interviews with the mission president. We conduct exchanges with the other missionaries. We give trainings at zone conferences too. But honestly we do more procelyting than everyone else thinks. We are legit like normal missionaries. We just have to do less missionary work. its nothing special.

How is the weight challenge going? (i'm trying to gain weight) It's not going super well. I'm stuck between 135-140ish. We haven't been going to the gym these last couple weeks so that's bad. But we are going to start going again. So maybe ill get the gains started back up.

Well i'm sure ill be writing in not too long!

Love you!
Elder Carter

Monday, August 7, 2017


Yay! my Brother is Married! Go team!

This week has been crazy busy. 

On Tuesday we met this guy that is super into star wars. He has like 3 full storm trooper suits. He bought a 3D printer so he can make more props of Star Wars stuff. It was kinda interesting. I guess he travels around with some of his other Storm Trooper Buddies and does charity events and what not. Everyone has their own hobbies i guess!

We had two district meetings again this last week and we also volunteered to help with a School Supplies drive. We unloaded and unpackaged about a million crayons and rulers. I could see crayons when i closed my eyes...

Then on Thursday night, we had another meeting with the Stake President. We discussed the needs of the stake and the missionaries. He also taught us some really interesting things about the Sacrament. 

Then on Friday we had MLC again! Man it was so awesome. We watched some sweet new commercials that are coming out soon. They are cool. Also He showed us some new ways to share the Book of Mormon with people. And he wants us to start thinking and doing creative things to share it with others. I'm super excited for it! I have got some ideas... hopefully they will work out!

These upcoming weeks are going to be super awesome. Next Saturday President Nelson is coming to Omaha and is going to be speaking to all the missionaries. We will be getting a picture with him and everyone will get to shake his hand. It will be so great. I hope that We will all be prepared for what he has to say to us!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, July 31, 2017

Zone Conference #100 (or something like that i can't remember how many its been...)

Well hello there family. 

We had another Great Zone Conference today. President did ask us to do a training but we ended up running out of time. We spent A long time talking about how we can prepare for the upcoming apostle visit. It will be announced tomorrow who the apostle is going to be. I'm super excited, and hopefully we will be able to have a great experience.

We went on exchanges this last week and I went with elder Kane (the big guy in the red polo). We had a great time! We did get stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. but it was alright. 

We also had maybe one of the greatest dinner appointments of all time. It was complete laughter the whole time. 
At one point i was trying to poor some ranch on my salad, and it wasn't coming out... so elder Kane grabbed the ranch bottle and said I'll help. Then he squeezed it and the whole top came off and ranch covered my entire place... literally. It was hilarious. 

They had baked potatoes so I was dipping it in the ranch to get it off my plate... and then one time I dipped it and i said beep as I was dipping it. The girl across from me like stopped... and was like... Wait did you just beep? 
Dang... I've been caught. I thought no one was paying attention.

I've been making my own sound effects for the last while just to add some spice into normal life and no one has said anything about it.

Elder Kane and I did have a pretty sweet miracle too. So we were walking on the street to go and see a potential investigator and this car pulled up next to us and waved us over... already a good sign. And then she said are you the missionaries in this area? We said yeah and she said that she had just moved from California and she is a member but her husband is not and she wants him to take the lessons! So we set up a time to go see them and then invited her to come to church on Sunday as well! And She and her husband came! So that was pretty sweet.

On Saturday, we were trying to find a less active lady that showed up to church in another ward... but she was actually in our ward. Anyways we went to the address and she came out of the garage. She was having a rough time because she had to kick out her daughter out of her house and was in a rush because she was going to rent out the basement of the house so she could afford the house still. She needed to do a lot of work but there was no way that she could have gotten it done in time. So we said ok... we will be back in 30 minutes with better clothes and we will help you get everything ready. We came back and painted the whole basement and helped her get it all done for the renter to come. I was happy that we could serve her... especially because she needed it so badly. 

We went golfing today! It was such a good time. There is this baby par 3 course that is super cheap. We borrowed some clubs and hit some golf balls around a big lawn. I did pretty alright for not golfing for quite a while. Idk what i was doing but man i was hitting the ball wayyyy farther than normal... its probably all them weights! I got second place... but in golf balls found, I was 1st! Found 7 golf balls. score one.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pioneer Day!!!

Today is quite the historic day for the west. Pioneer day!!!! huzzah for Utah. I guess it kinda relates to us... because we are the trail... but there is no celebration here... I think the trail center does something for it though. so thats cool.

But in other news!!! My Splendid mother had her 29th birthday again! Happy birthday mom! you're the best even though you can't read my email right now :) Hope you had a wonderful day and you got some sweet gifts!!!

This week has really been pretty good :)

On Thursday we had our district meeting but it was pretty random. We had to change the time because there was a bunch of conflicts... so we did it at a random time and a random building. And there was like 2 guest companionships that came because they couldn't go to theirs. So there was legit 11 sisters and elder finicum and i. It was interesting. I think that the training went okish. Not my best for sure. But it was fine.

We also taught a sweet guy named Como. He just moved to the U.S. from a small country in Africa. He was a nice guy but we didn't get to talk with him too much.

Then on Sunday night we were out knocking on doors and it was getting late. So we didn't have much time to find. But We went up to one house and then a lady opened up the door and said hi! you guys can come in if you want!
We didn't even have to say anything. She didn't know who we were or why we were there but she let us right in.
Then we talked to her for a little bit and found out that she has really been trying to build a relationship with God but she didn't know how. 

We shared the restoration with her and it was a powerful lesson. We are going to go back on Tuesday and teach her more.

This week we have Zone conference! We don't have to give any trainings for it. Unless he gives us a surprise training? But i doubt it!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Car dealer or...?


We had interviews this last week and it was pretty awesome! I always enjoy getting insights from President Gardner. He helps me see how to become a better leader.

Every Thursday we volunteer at a place called the food bank. We basically repackage dry pasta and whatnot. but anyways they have a record for most pasta packed an hour. And the 3 elders and i SMASHED the record. We deserve a plaque or a trophy. We beat groups with like 10-20 people. Boom.

So we got a referral from some other elders on Wednesday for someone they ran into on the streets. So we decided that we would go see him on Thursday night. When we stopped by, he opened the door in his boxers and then told us to come back into the backroom with him. So we followed him back and he had two bottles of vodka open and was chugging them down. He also had like a bunch of hundreds just chillin there too. He had 2 gold chains on his neck and 3 gold rings and 2 gold bracelets So we like started to share the message of the restoration, and he was kinda into it but i could tell he was a wee bit intoxicated. Then he started telling us about his own business. A "car" dealership. He said that he travels to Texas and Florida to pick up "cars". and sell them. From his home...
we were like yeah.... car dealership... Texas and Florida... border states... car dealership. cool.
Then he went off about how we should stop doing missionary work and get in school. He said it was way more worth it to get school done. So yeah i'm going to listen to the drunk gangster and come home and start my school!
or not

There is a new recent convert that we met with on Saturday. soon after his baptism, his family disowned him and doesn't talk to him. And then his roommate kicked him out of his house. So he is literally living out of his car right now. But through all of it...he is strong in the gospel. He is unfazed by the adversity. It was a real example to me. I'm glad I don't have to endure nearly anything like him. He is a great guy.

Well I love you all!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week of Champions

Man this week has probably been one of the best weeks of my whole mission. Just packed with tons of fun stuff and good times with other peeps.

So on Monday last week we did go to the zoo! saw a ton of sweet animals. by far the best was the penguins though. Then we went and played some minigolf at this sweet course. Its called Prehistoric Putt and it is like legendary. The holes are just wild sometimes. And to make it all better... i took 1st place. Bringin' in the gold for good ol' Idaho.

Then on Tuesday we had another MLC. We received some training about how to help others (including ourselves) Study better. It was super duper awesome. President Gardner Gave us some tips about how to study and what to study and pretty much everything we need.
Then after the meeting all the leaders went to President Gardner's house and had a fantastic Barbecue. They set up a volley ball net and there was a basketball hoop too. There was a tennis court just down the street too so we went and played around a little bit. But most of the time was spent playin bball and hangin out with each other. But man some of the sisters are pretty good at basketball. They could hang with the elders. It was so much fun.

Then we had a 2 district meetings. I gave a training for one of them... it was about  the Holy Ghost vs the Light of Christ. I think it went pretty average. Not my best but its all good.

Then on Thursday we had a meeting with the stake presidency to see how we could increase the missionary efforts in the stake. We discussed a lot of good things and gave us some direction on how they would like us to help our stewardship and the members. They have really been putting a huge push on the Sacrament, rightly so, so we will be focusing on that with members.

Today is a much more relaxed p-day. We aren't playing basketball because most other missionaries have a temple trip. So we are just chillin and playin some boardgames. Good times.

Well love you all! don't melt from the heat.

Elder Carter

Monday, July 3, 2017

The 4th of July!!


Happy 3rd of July everyone! So happy that we all can celebrate the eve of our independence. What a wonderful time.

We have had a grand ol time this last week. My mother had some tennis rackets sent out here and we have put them to some good use. This morning my bishop invited me and elder Finicum to play some doubles with him and his buddy. We had a lot of fun. I haven't played real tennis in well over a year now so i was a lil rusty. But we took home the W. so that's all that counts.

Today we are going to the Zoo with 2 other missionaries and the Charles Family in our ward. So that will be fun. Hopefully i can spend more time with my true family🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧.

This week is going to be crazy... We have MLC tomorrow. Then we are doing an activity as a mission leadership. So that will be super fun. Its all my mission buds in one big room.  Then we have 2 district meetings. And one of the districts doesn't have a district leader so Elder Finicum and I are the district leaders. Thursday we have a meeting with the stake president as well. So it will just fly by.

Well i hope all of you have a great 4th. Light some stuff on fire and drink some unhealthy beverages!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, June 26, 2017



My sister is officially an adult! The big one eight! Go by a lottery ticket! Happy birthday sis!

This week has been awesome! We had MLC on Friday and we had some super helpful trainings. One was about how to be a good leader and how we should act. The other was about how to conduct exchanges with other missionaries. Both of those trainings were like perfect for me because I haven't really had much experience with either.

Then we went on exchanges! I went with Elder Smith! He is so dang funny. He's like that quite guy that doesn't talk much but when he does, it's the funniest thing ever. We had a grand ol' time walkin around and talking to people. We met this one SUPER drunk guy. I walked up and started talking to him and he literally about fell over walking over to us. Then he said..."you guys Mormons? I don't believe in Mormons" ...interesting. I'm pretty sure Mormons are a real thing? Then I just said, oh well do you have a faith in Christ? And he like stumbled and grabbed on to my arm so he didn't fall over. And I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read it haha. Then he started telling us about how he can't deal with holy people. And that he was Way above us. Good times drunk people. Hopefully he will read that book of Mormon.

We also had some pretty sweet district meeting. Here are some pictures. They were all about helping investigators come to church.

But man this Sunday was Ward Council. And it was SO Good. The stake president talked and whenever he talks I just get like inspired. He was talking about how someone asked him to prove that there was a God and he responded by saying prove that you are happy? Prove you love your kids? Then he said something I loved. "The most important knowledge you learn is knowledge FELT not Measured."

Well i hope you all have a magical week. I know i will.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

P.S. Transfers on Wednesday... but i'm not getting transferred.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day!!!

Happy Fathers day! I'm so grateful for my dad and all his goofy antics. He's strange and weird in the best way haha.

Well this week was quite eventful to say the least.

We had a super sweet zone conference. We learned a ton of things about how to become more like Christ. I love the focus on self improvement that we have. 
And Elder Finicum and my training went pretty ok as well. Definitely could have been worse! haha
And then afterwards We got to play softball and it was so dang fun. Brought me back to the good ol days playin in baseball tournaments all over Idaho. And our shirts came out $$$ so that's a huge bonus.

We also had to move out of our house on Saturday... so that was kinda annoying. But we moved into a New apartment that is super nice. Its probably the best one i have stayed in. Staying in our own place has its benefits. We actually have our own fridge which is nice. But we don't have our own piano.. bummer.

We just have meetings all the time. Like this Friday we have a meeting with all the other zone leaders across the mission. Which will be super sweet but we miss a lot of time proselyting. But its all good stuff. I enjoy it.

But on Friday we had this insane storm. Two tornadoes touched down in Bellevue which pretty close to us. Elder Finicum and i were in the car dry and it started raining. We then had to run inside for an appointment and literally in like the 10 seconds we were running from the car to the door we were 100% soaked. It was so bad. the wind like blew a bunch of trees over and the tornadoes like destroyed a bunch of houses. Luckily we weren't super close to the tornadoes so we didn't have any issues. I guess it knocked out like 80000 people's power though. Makes for an interesting evening to say the least.

I love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, June 12, 2017

New Ride

Hello everyone. Seems like the weeks have just gone by faster and faster...

We got a new car this last week. When i got the keys and started driving it, it has a total of 74 miles. Its super nice. Its a 2017 Toyota Corolla. There's pictures at the bottom. 

Seems like we haven't done anything super exciting this week. We have just had a lot of meetings and other things to do.... like apartment inspections. Lot of driving and looking at missionary apartments to see if they have burned it down yet or not. But i guess that's what we do haha.

 This next week is going to be super awesome though. We have Zone Conference tomorrow. Elder Finicum and i have been asked to give a "training" at zone conference so that's kinda fun. Hopefully it goes well and we don't corrupt 3 different zones! haha. 

We are also playing some softball after Zone Conference too. And We made had some Shirts made for our whole zone so its going to be super awesome.  

And the end of this week we are moving. The family we are living with is trying to sell their house so we are getting an apartment. There are pluses and minuses to both. It'll be good though. At least we will be in a more central location!

Love you all!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Glasses

On the Nebraska Omaha Mission Facebook page, these two pictures showed up.  For some reason Andy has white glasses on.  We asked him about it and he said he was just trying to be cool.  He doesn't need glasses but just wore them to be fun.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Gregs Baptism :)

Hey Family!

This week has been so awesome :)

Greg got baptized! It was such a great service. tons of missionaries that hat taught him showed up to support him. It was great. There was some great talk given too. Man in the short time that i have known greg i have seen him change a ton. He is such a happy guy all the time. Loves joking around too which is fun.

We also went to a funeral for someone this week. It was a Catholic Funeral... So it was quite interesting. Lets just say i am so grateful that we have the Fullness of the gospel. Having a complete knowledge of what the Plan of Salvation is really makes a huge difference too. Plus the whole priesthood thing is nice too...

Today was pretty sweet. We went to this one shop that has a ton of board games that you can just grab and play. So we got some good games of Settlers of Catan in. We also learned a few other ones too. It added a little variety to our P-days

So I was recently called to be a Zone leader and my family has a few questions that i can answer

what zone are you over? I am Over the Papillion North Zone right now.

are you being transferred? No. I was called a Zone leader At the beginning of this last transfer... just didn't tell you because yeah...

how many missionaries are in your zone? There is 18 missionaries in our zone. 10 Sisters and 8 elders including us.

Are you zone leader with another zone leader or just a companion? Yeah Elder Finicum is a Zone leader as well (my companion)

how often do you report to the Mission Pres? We report to him every week. Sometimes more than that.

Do you do interviews for baptism? Yes sometimes.

Love you all:)
Elder Carter

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Madness!

Hello Family! Hope you are all doing super well! I know my sis just moved her life to Oregon! I'm sure it will be good for her!

This week has been super good. On Friday we had interviews with the mission president, and we also had like a mini zone training meeting. He taught us a few things about planning to help us work more effectively which i thought was super awesome.

Then we went to the trail center with one of our investigators this week as well. His name is Greg. In the pictures he is the one in the blue polo. We had a great time and it was a good experience for him. Plus we got to dress up so that's kinda fun.

Greg is such a great guy! He is definitely different than any investigator i have taught. a few years ago he had a stroke that caused him to lose his speaking ability. He can really only say about 5 words that are easy to understand. But he really understands us well. He is actually going to get baptized this Saturday as well. Anyways we talked with him about the word of wisdom and he said he had given up coffee for over a month now. And he said he didn't need his coffee pot so he gave it to us. Hence the trophy pic at the end of haha. Every missionaries favorite award haha.

We are going on exchanges this week as well. Today actually. And i'm going with Elder Hughes! one of my previous companions. So that will be a blast.

Happy memorial day everyone!

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter​

Monday, May 22, 2017

New but familiar assignment

Ah Yes. Good ol transfers. The new area is Vastly different from my old area... But literally the two area's touch. It's pretty crazy how only a few miles can make a huge difference. I like it here though! there is lots of humble people just WAITING to be taught.

This last week we did some service at a food bank. Yes yes... those are gaylords.(see picture at the bottom) You're welcome grandpa. We sorted through all the food in them and put the expired food in the trash. So that was kinda fun! I found some nice Asian food. Surprise surprise!

We also just started a new initiative in the mission. We are doing a points competition. Basically you get points for doing missionary things and we are trying to get to a total of 15000 points as a mission. There will be some reward if we get to it. It honestly shouldn't be that hard of a goal to reach.

So for the first time ever, I live with Members! Its not really too much different than living on our own, but we do have a piano now! so that's kinda fun. I might want to get more sheet music or something. Who knows. We are moving again soon though, the members we live with are moving soon. TM
I know that this week we have interviews with President Gardner. so that'll be good as always!

Well i love you all!
Elder Carter

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day :)

It was so nice to talk to you all yesterday:) My family is fun. They are weird... but so am I so it all works out!

So it turns out that I am getting transferred! Surprise! found out this morning. I'm staying in Omaha but I'm just getting moved to a different area. Its like less than 10 miles from where I am at now. And I get to be with Elder Finicum again! Holy cow who would have thought that a year later we would be companions again! I was so surprised when President called me and told me that. But itll be good. I'm very excited!

I am sad to leave this area though. I wasn't here super long but I really liked a lot of the members. There was just a lot of great people here. I'm sure there will be good people in Rock Brook too.

This week wasn't too eventful. We did go on exchanges with Elder Arnold. It was tons of fun. He has some CRAZY mission stories. We talked to quite a few people and ran into some guy that was playing League. so that was pretty interesting. He was surprised that I knew what it was haha.

These last couple transfers have gone by so fast. Seems like its an exponential function. Just goes faster every day! I don't even know what has happened I feel like I just left my first area last week and now I'm in my 5th. Wild.

Well love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cinco De Mayo

πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‹Feliz Cumpleanos a mexico. Taco taco burrito!πŸŽ πŸŽƒπŸš­

[?][?][?][?]So my family knows that My dream was to go to South Korea. And On Thursday that dream was realized. A man in our ward, brother Anderson, Served his mission in south Korea so They had us over and he made some Korean food! It was probably the best day of my whole mission. Some of it was super interesting. It was actually quite good though!

We also were able to go with our investigator Jonas to the Trail Center! We had such a great experience and he learned so much. We were able to testify of the temple and help him see how important it would be for his life too. He will be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. And he is excited! and we are excited for him!

Mothers day is coming up so I thought I would take the time to give a shout out to my mother!!!She is so dang awesome. She's super caring and will do anything for us! She's also pretty funny. Love you mother:)

Hope all is going well for you! Church is true! book is blue!

Love you!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Parlez-vous français?

Well I guess my cousin Casey is married now. That's pretty interesting. Now I know what its like to be my brother. Always am the last one to find out what's happening.
But Congratz to him!

This last week has been super great. We had the temple trip on Tuesday! It had been quite a while since I had been and it was so great. Learned lots! can't wait to go back!

We also had interviews with President Gardner. He always has great advice for me. I can tell how much he truly cares about all the missionaries. He will do anything to help us. He helped me see how I can use a study journal better. That is one thing that I have been terrible at. But hey now I can improve!

On Thursday we had probably one of the best experiences of my whole mission. Definitely one that will and has changed my life forever. I'm sure I have mentioned our investigator named Jonas in previous emails, and we were going to visit him with our stake president. We thought it would be a good idea because our Stake President speaks French and Jonas was mostly raised in France. Anyways we got to his house and has just said a prayer to start the lesson when Jonas's wife and mother-in-law came in to show us some old documents that they had gotten from the RLDS church. In itself this was a blessing because Elder Boswell and I had been wondering what we could do to get them involved.

So we talked with wife an mother in law for a some time. Meanwhile our stake president was talking with our investigator in the background. There was two conversations going on at the same time. I wish I could have known what they were talking about (it was all in French) because I could see that it was the most genuine conversation ever. The wife and mother in law then left and we kinda sat awkwardly while they spoke in French to each other. From my limited knowledge of Spanish I was able to understand a little of what they were saying. Basically Jonas was saying that God had saved him for some purpose and he wanted to know what it was. Our stake president talked about baptism and about receiving the gift of the holy ghost and I assume he told him that that is what God wanted for him. Jonas then asked us what he needed to do to be baptized.

It really goes to show that the members are really the best resource. President Perkes did something for him that we could never do. We are not his peers. We can't connect with Jonas as he did. But God Knew what Jonas needed. And he prepared that moment from the beginning.

This week is Zone Conference! So watch for my pictures on Facebook!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday P-Day?

Its super weird that today is P-day. I feel like we are being disobedient... But hey no worries. I'm excited to go to the temple in a couple three hours :)

So We had a super sweet zone training meeting this last week. It was great. Learned some sweet techniques and we are going to be using them for the rest of ever. Its always a good time to learn from other great missionaries! Oh and I also made a cake. It turned out pretty good I think. Atleast that's what everyone said so maybe they just didn't want to hurt my feelings? Who knows.

This next week is going to be crazy. Today is p-day, Tomorrow is exchanges and District meeting, and Thursday is Interviews with the mission president. So it'll go by super fast I'm sure. And before you know it I'll be right back here emailing from the same library. Good times

Rest In Peace to my Childhood dog. He was a great Dog and always chose my brothers room when he had to go to the bathroom. I appreciated that and he will definitely be missed by me and my family. His legacy will be survived by Nala.

I know that we are going to go bowling today so ill let you know if I won or not. Its kinda weird because only our zone has p-day today and so there isn't a lot of missioanries to do things with like a normal p-day... so no basketball for us. But no worries.

Yours Truly!

ELder Carter

Monday, April 17, 2017


Has anyone looked back at their last 5 weeks and realized you have no idea what happened. Yeah that's me. Which is too bad because I bet we did some pretty cool stuff.

My wonderful mother sent me a sweet package this week. There was some good chocolate in them eggs ;).

In other news Gordman's went out of business and so they are closing all the stores here... so we had to go and buy stuff before it was all gone. But we were to late. They pretty much only had boring clothes there or super weird so we didn't get too much... 

But hey our ward mission leader loves golf and he is going to take us to the country club that he is a member of either next week or the week after. Its going to be sweet. Its a super nice course and so we will have a ton of fun I'm sure. Not to mention he's like super hilarious. so that's a plus.

As far as Investigators go, we met with one of our sweet investigators this last week. Her name is June. We have taught her like 3 times. She is like a religion fanatic. She studies anything and everything; shes like in some bible classes for a college and just enjoyed everything about religion. We gave her a book of Mormon 3 weeks ago and she has been reading and has some of the most studious questions. Like I wouldn't even ask them... and ive read it like 20 times... But the other cool thing is she lives right by one of our members. So hopefully they will be able to help June continue to learn the gospel.

This week will be our Zone Training week. Which will be fun. I'm going to make a cake because its my missionary birthday that day! so that's kind of fun.

For future notice, next week our P-day will be on Tuesday. We have a temple trip and so they move our p-day because the trip is supposed to be on p-day but the temple isn't open on Mondays. So yeah don't expect an email from me on Monday next week !

Love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Greetings

So I don't know if anyone has seen the Jim Gaffigan Comedy piece where he talks about holidays but we have been talking about that a lot here. So he talk about how Illogical the easter season is....
 What can we do to celebrate the saviors resurrection?
 How bout eggs???
ummm What does that have to do with Jesus?
Alright we'll hide 'em.
I don't follow your logic.... (just watch the video its funny.)

This last week was Transfers and I got a New companion! I stayed here in Omaha. My New Companion is Elder Boswell! He is from Tooele Utah. Hes been out for a little less than a year. Hes a funny guy and we will have a great time together! I'm excited for this new transfer.

Hopefully you all have seen the new Easter Initiative. If not here is the link...
Watch it or we can no longer be friends.

So I heard that my sister's are both super awesome, Savanna Got 4th on her Solo in clogging! Congrats to her! And my other sister Katie Just won another tennis match! Soon she will take over the state.

This last Sunday was super crazy. We went to church for 6 hours... One of our investigators, Jonas, wanted to come to church but he could only make it for the ward that goes before ours. So we went with him. It was super good. And then we went to our ward. So we were at the church for such a long time... Makes fast sunday go by much faster though. So that was nice! Also our bishop asked us to be in the ward choir. So we also do that Which is nice because I like singing anyways.

This transfer is going to be crazy... Interviews Zone Conference, Zone Training, and temple trip all in 6 weeks. So that will be super fun! I'm excited :) Also I'm sure my mom is keeping track but Its Mothers Day this transfer too! so ill get to see many of you soon!:)

Well I love you all! (unless you didn't watch the video)

Elder Carter

Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference


Yay Pocatello Idaho Temple!!! How exciting!

General Conference was the BOMB. I'm sure I've said it before but general Conference is like the missionary vacation. Just get to sit back and listen to inspired people speak all day. I really thought this conference was one of the best ones in a long time. I especially liked the one by Yoon Hwan Choi About drinking the rain. Its a pretty awesome analogy about trials. Plus like the music was super sweet

But its always inspiring to hear from the leaders of the church. Hopefully we will be able to keep in remembrance the things that they taught us.

Last P-day we played a little bit of tennis... But it wasn't too much. We mostly just hit around. I was pretty fun but Man I have lost a lot of my former skills haha. Plus its hard because we weren't taking it too serious and I'm just super competitive so that doesn't mix very well. But still we had a good time.

This next week is transfers! I really doubt I will be transferred but you don't really ever know. I hope that the next transfer will be a good one like this one has! It seems to go faster and faster each transfer. Crazy that already 1 year ago I finished my training. Now I still feel as clueless as I was back then! But at least I have practice :P

I love being a missionary!

After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel -Joseph Smith

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter

Monday, March 27, 2017

Olympic Fail

Well... I failed us all. I had one Chance to represent Twin Falls and I failed. I didn't win the Free Throw Competition in the Olympics this year... I cracked under the pressure. I made only 7 out of 10 free throws and the winner made 8. Disappointing I know. Sorry family. Sorry Idaho... Sorry America. Maybe next yea..... oh nope I don't have another chance.

But Zone Conference was Great. always love learning more about the gospel from President Gardner. I Also did my musical Number for Zone Conference and it went ok. The Piano that I was playing on was WAY out of tune so it like freaked me out and definitely didn't sound as good as our 100 year old piano at home. But that's all good. Guess they just don't make em like they used to.

Elder Wangsgaard and I Are doing really well. We doing anything and everything to try and find people to teach! We have had some good success recently so its been going pretty well! And its crazy that transfers are already this upcoming week! I suspect I will be here for a little longer but with President Gardner you really just don't know. This transfer has gone by so fast though

As im sure you all know this week is General Conference! I'm super excited to be able to listen to The Prophet and Apostles and learn from their teachings. Should be a great weekend

Love you all!

Elder Carter