Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where's Elder Carter going???

Yes yes it's time for everyone's favorite game of where's Elder Carter going??? Submit your guesses and you could be the winner of a brand new bottle of water!

Transfers are this Wednesday and I am more than likely getting transferred. My guess is I'm going to Watertown South Dakota. That is the northern most part of the mission. Its seriously like the middle of nowhere. Fun fun!!!

Find out next week on another episode of Elder's Emails.

Now for the more important news..... My Mother had a Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mother! She turned 29 again this year! I hope you had a swell time this week!

But hey this week has been quite fun! We have taught like a ton of single mom's that have been struggling with life issues. I guess the lord wants us to go bring comfort and peace into their lives! But it's up to them to take it in. also  this SUPER weird Jehovah's witness lady like stopped us in the car and was like "you guys Mormon?" and we were like yeah, and she was like " did you knock on that door over there? one that says no trespassing?" we were like no? she was like "well someone got shot there a couple days ago? don't you watch the news?" we were like oh no we actually don't. and she was like "well I'm Jehovah's witness and I do watch the news. Lots of bad things are happening. do you know why?" I said cause we are coming to the end? She said " yeah and Jesus is going to come back and take out all the bad people and you know whos going with em? False Religion." and she walked away hahaha. We just laughed it was funny.

But yeah this week has been really focused on studies. Our mission president has been emphasizing the importance of studies and diligence. So we've had some things that he wants us to do that I will be doing for the next while. For Every page in the Book of Mormon, he wants us to record the main doctrines taught and things that are important. So that will be great. I'm excited.

That is about it! Hope all is still going well!

Love you all

Elder Carter

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Group Pics

Hello everyone! Hope all is well, as usual.

This week has been pretty good! We Had interviews on Wednesday with our mission president, President Gardner. It's always good to spend some one on one time with him. He is very inspired. He showed me some things that I can improve on with my studies to make them more meaningful and successful. He definitely works very hard and is doing everything he can to help out all the missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission. I couldn't have asked for a better leader.

Also on Thursday we went to go help out this older man with some "yard work." But when we got there it was a completely different story... He raises pigeons. Like over a hundred of them. And they poop. A lot. So guess what he wanted us to do... Shovel it all up and put it in bags. Oh man it was so nasty. The smell of the whole area was just AWFUL. There was flies and beetles like all over the place too. But hey on the bright side he took us to this awesome barbeque place for lunch. Their Smoked brisket was so good. Overall I'd say it was worth. plus the man couldn't have done it by himself because he had a lot of back issues. so that was nice.

But i am happy to say that we have had a lot more success this week as far as teaching lessons go. I know that the amount of lessons taught isn't the measure of a successful missionary but it is always nice to be able to teach people. We have found a few new investigators that I sincerely think will progress in the future.

Other than that i am still trying to figure out how to be a missionary! Every day it seems i find other things that i need to improve on, which is good. And i assume that will never change as long as I am out serving the lord.

Anyways I love you all!
Elder Carter

Here are some group pictures of Andy in Lincoln Nebraska.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Los Muchachos De Lincoln.

Hi everyone.

This week has been pretty sweet. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders and My Goodness they are busy. Elder Chamberlin and I taught 4 lessons that day. We were literally just running from place to place teaching people. we didn't even have time for dinner. But hey that makes the day so much more enjoyable.

As for us, we have actually been able to find some more solid investigators. We have one lady that is kinda concerned because she doesn't want to be the only black person in our church... Hahaha. But she really likes the book of Mormon and love what we have taught her so far and she probably will continue to progress.
We also got another lady that we taught. The first surprising thing about her is she actually remembered her appointment that she set up with us! that like NEVER happens. She even had like cookies and water and stuff for us. Super sweet. Then she like did a bunch of research online, ON THE PROPER WEBSITE!!! That is just crazy. No one does that either. Then she like actually read the pamphlet that we gave her. It was so sweet. She was like so prepared to listen to us. Hopefully she will continue to be interested and come to church and everything. She is super cool too. She reminds me a lot of my Aunt Tiffany. She looks a lot like her too. Shout out to you Aunt Tiffany.

We have been more busy this week than we have in the past, which is very good. I'm always glad when we are busy teaching and serving because it makes the days go much better. We are hoping to have some people be baptized in august sometime. I probably wont be here in Lincoln but that is fine with me!

Anyways Hope its been a great week for you all!

Love you!
Elder Carter

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July!!!

Hi everyone! once again email is late because libraries were closed! hope that's alright with yall.

Holy Moley Fourth of July is crazy here. SO fireworks are only allowed to be sold the 3rd and 4th but after that like every firework imaginable is fair game. Everyone and their dog had like firecrackers and mortars and like all these crazy fireworks that are definitely illegal in Idaho. It was dang loud these last 2 nights. But it was kinda cool. Also we weren't allowed to go proselyte after 6 on p-day so it was like a full day p-day this time. Pretty fun.

Last week I also went on exchanges! I got shipped WAYYY out in the boonies (boonies is the colloquial term for country) And it was an interesting experience. It would be hard to find people out there because there Is like 6 people in the whole town and the next nearest town is like 20 minutes away. Also they only had 1 dairy queen and 1 subway. that was it. Small towns aren't fun man. Glad I'm still in Lincoln but in a couple of weeks who knows where I will go. My prediction is Minnesota.

We also have exchanges again tomorrow! This time its with the zone leader so it should be pretty sweet. I'm hoping that we will be able to teach a bunch of people. That's always the best.

Also this week is Zone training. So we will be getting trained by our zone leaders and sister training leader. They are usually pretty good trainings so that should be good as well.

Other than that it's pretty much been same ol same ol. Knockin on doors is the life! No sweet rejection stories this week. but stay tuned because I'm sure there will be some good ones comin.

Anyways love you all!
Elder Carter