Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Morning

This is a video that Andy sent us of him opening his Christmas Package.

Monday, December 26, 2016


HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!:) Hope it was as magical as mine was!

We got to do so much fun stuff! We were able to go to the Ulrich's house and we all made omelets (ulrich family tradition) and then we got to skype our families! It was so great. I'm pretty sure that my family is the best in the world. Then we played a ping-pong tournament. I lost my 2nd match but came back from the losers bracket to take the tournament. But then their dad came down and beat me by like 15 points... so that was short lived.

then we went to the Thorin's and played probably the most awesome game of monopoly ever. Started out really slow but then i got the 3 green property's and started dominating. I was way in the lead but we had to leave so i was like ok well there is only one way to make this fair... brother thorin, we will give you everything we have for 1 monopoly dollar. hahahaha brother thorin was pretty much taking one for the team the whole game to be able to get the game rolling... so we thought it would be good for him to win in the end. His easy deals paid off in the long run.

Anyways this zone conference was super awesome too. Most of The trainings were about using the atonement DAILY. That is what i'm going to be focusing on in the next few weeks. But then we had a super great talent show and white elephant gift exchange. Super funny.

Anyways this week are having a baptism! on wednesday! i'm sure ill get some pictures and whatnot. His name is Anthony. I think i have written more about it in previous emails.

Well I love you all! :)

Elder Carter

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tis the season!

Well hello family! Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season that is upon us! I know i am not. Yeah so it was so cold here that they canceled church. Legit. It was too dangerous to be outside for more than 4 minutes. You get frostbite too fast. its was about -45 here. It was so dang cold. Just going from the car to the houses was just bone chilling. But hey makes for a great story. I'm down to 2 fingers.. the rest of them froze off.

We were able to go down to Omaha this Tuesday for Trainer/Trainee meeting. Its was pretty great. I was able to talk with president Gardner for quite a while about investigators we have and what to do to help them. He is such an inspired man. We learned lots of great things to do to help our area progress.

Then we went on exchanges this week as well with the zone leaders! I went with elder baize and it was the best! Elder Baize is like my favorite missionary! hes so dang awesome. I feel like i learned so much from him, hopefully he didn't feel too burdened by me haha.

This upcoming week is going to be zone conference! So we get to learn more things! Zone Conferences are always my favorite meetings. We are also doing a talent show and white elephant gift exchange. And i signed up to play the piano. Hope all the fighting with my mother about practicing and taking lessons paid off! haha

I'm excited for Christmas to talk to my family! going to be a great day!

Love you all:)
Elder Carter

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Season

Hi everyone!

The christmas season is so nice as a missionary! It seems like hearts are much more open here than before! Its probably because everyone is trying to focus on christ a little bit more! Because of that we have been able to teach a lot more people! WE also get to go do fun things like caroling! We Have gone out at nights and gone carol tracting instead of just regular tracting! It works so much better that way. Except its cold... Tuesday it was -20 wind chill. SO thats interesting.

Zone training this last week was so good! I Learned so much that i can apply in my life as a missionary. One of the focuses was to use our missions to get to know christ more. I Have thought about that alot recently and i will be working on that because its a unique opportunity that we won't get again in our lives.

This week, actually tomorrow, we will be going down to omaha for Trainer/Trainee, so mother watch on the facebook page for pictures! Cause i'm sure sister Gardner will be taking some. I'm excited to be taught by President Gardner and the AP's, always inspiring.

So something kinda interesting about here... the snow is like... Dry? its weird. Its alot like sand, in snow form. So no one is able to make like snowmen or have snowball fights or anything... kinda sad But thats alright i guess, not like i could do any of that anyways!

Well i hope you all are having a fantastic Christmas Season!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Same Area New Companion

Hello Family and Friends!

So last week was transfers and Elder Jensen got transferred! And my new companion is Elder Matheson! He is from Spokane Washington. He just started his mission and is definitely excited to work and serve. I'm grateful for the opportunity i have to serve with him; he is a good missionary.

here is a surprise... this week it actually wasn't that cold! It stayed up above freezing most of the time which is good! But bad news... This next week is supposed to be below 0 temperatures... Insert Obligatory Complaint About Cold Weather.

But this week we are going to be having Zone Training! I'm excited to be trained by our zone leaders :) they are definitely great teachers and they are instructed directly from president gardner So i know that the trainings will be great. 

Our whole zone is very new to the mission... i'm one of the oldest missionaries and i haven't even been out for that long. Most of the missionaries here are training as well so thats kindof interesting. I hope we don't get snowed in too much so that we actually have the opportunity to train haha.

I hope you all had the time to go to the Christmas Devotional last night! I loved hearing about the savior and learning about him! I'm grateful that We have the opportunity to focus on him for the holiday season! It definitely softens the hearts of people around here. I loved the quote "without Easter there would have been no Christmas." So true! Christ broke the bands of death for each of us:)

Well Thats all !
Love you!
ELder Carter

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Holidays! 

I'm grateful that it didn't snow like it was supposed to!

This week has been pretty good :) Thanksgiving and other festivities! good times!
Oh wednesday before thanksgiving, Brother Homer took us out to a restaurant named Chevy's, and it was dang good. I got these steak tacos that were so good. Their salsa was divine as well. we probably ate 20 cups of that salsa. We ate so much food.

THen we had thanksgiving. We went over to the Thulin's for dinner. They made a ton of food! mostly because they have 10 kids... But it was a good time! But i've probably had enough food in the last week to last me the rest of my mission haha.

Yesterday we had a talk by a young woman about service which is quite fitting because of the new Christmas Initiative that the church has put out. She said something that i thought was pretty profound "The phrase What would Jesus Do is a common phrase but i don't like it because it seems like a guilt trip, instead i think what if that was the savior?" I hope as we do the service activites and such we can think that way instead of being guilted into serving our neighbors :)

This wednesday is transfers! So I have no idea if i will be getting a new companion or not. It won't be likely that i am getting transfered but you never really know! i'm sure youll find out next week!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, November 21, 2016

Ice age :(

What a terrible week. It SNOWED. alot. And its windy and cold... awful conditions. And this upcoming week its supposed to snow and Hopefully our cars don't get grounded because i don't want to walk everywhere! We will see!

BUt other than that its be super awesome!!!!! We spent a lot of time this last week shoveling snow for people. Which has been really great for my back... NOT. But its all good.

Our ward here in Sioux Falls does a potluck every 3rd sunday and so we had a potluck on sunday! Which happened to be my birthday! So it was like a sneaky celebration for my 20th! Plus a bunch of our investigators came to church this week too so it was like a sweet birthday present from God! haha Can't do much better than that,

 Except if my mother were to send me a cookie cake... WHICH SHE DID. Got a package in the mail on saturday with a cake in it.... and now its a little less than halfway gone. I also got a sweet new scripture case in the mail from my grandmother too which is AWESOME because i had just given my other one to one of my investigators. 

On tuesday last week we raked some leaves for a member in our ward and the pile of leaves was legit taller than me. SO that was kind of fun, but we didnt get to take pictures because we put them all in bags before we had a chance. Most leaves EVER. 

In light of thanksgiving i want to say a few things that I am thankful for!
I'm thankful for my family who has supported me in everyway!
i'm thankful for sweaters that keep me warmish.
I'm thankful for the gospel that brings so much joy to those who live it
and most importantly i'm thankful for my Savior who paid the price for us all that we might be cleansed from sin

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet the Mormons!

Hi! (:

This week has really been awesome. We have been quite busy running around teaching people. Like ive mentioned before we have a few investigators that are progressing quite well and we've been teaching them the gospel like mad! Its been great.

So our ward mission leader, brother oakes, Is such a dang good missionary. He is seriously willing to do anything for anyone. He spends about 40 hours volunteer teaching the gospel in PRISON. Crazy! he just goes and teaches them for no reason. But anyways he built this home theater in his house so that the missionaries can come over and watch meet the mormons with their investigators. He has watched that movie 40 times as of yesterday! Holy cow its crazy. So we invited a couple of our investigators over to his house and watched it. It was a great experience for them and for us. This weekend Brother Oakes will probably be driving us and one of our investigators down to Omaha to tour the temple grounds and the trail center. He going to drive us... 2.5 hours down... just to help the investigators. now THAT is magnifying his calling. I hope to be like that someday.

We had exchanges this last week, and i went with Elder Nelson. He is so much like me, its pretty sweet. It was nice, we went around teaching the word like always! and During the exchange i had the opportunity to go to District Leader Training. President Gardner and the Assistants trained us on how to lead and several other things. They helped us see what the new focus and goals for the mission are and how to help our stewardship achieve them. I'm excited. and side note... My trainer, Elder Karl, Is actually one of the assistants now! So That's pretty sweet. I was trained by an AP. good times!

We went and raked some leaves for a member in our ward again, here is a picture of me just chillin in the leaves. There was quite a few leaves to say the least. but its good to get some service in!

Hope this week goes swimmingly! Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, November 7, 2016

Waskully wabbits

Hello family!

This week has been pretty good! Last Monday was Halloween! Hope all of you got lots of candy! And were safe!

Tomorrow is the election so that'll be interesting. We will probably finally stop being asked who we are voting for from everyone we talk to. Don't know whats going to happen so that'll be a fun surprise.

On Thursday we had zone training! it was so good. We had the stake president come and speak to us about what we can do to better work with members in our ward. Its obviously more effective to use the members in our missionary work, we just need to know what to do and how to do it. thats definitely what we are going to work on. picture at the bottom.

Elder Jensen and I are working hard with those investigators. We taught one of them this morning. He is already converted to the gospel and knows its true. I'm certain he will be baptized in the next few weeks or so. He has been investigating for years and he knows pretty much everything. His name is Anthony. hes awesome.

The video i sent is of me chasing a rabbit (hence the title). I thought you all might like to see it.

We are working hard and trying our best to do what we can to help the people in our area. I love sioux falls and am glad i am here.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!

Happy Halloween! Get lots of candy! Scare some people! Good times.

We as missionaries are not allowed to be out working on halloween night. We must either be in our apartment or be in a members home. and we aren't allowed to drive after 6 because of the kids running around. Its good to be safe. Tonight we will be going to one of our members houses, the prestons. It should be pretty fun. Ill take pictures!

 This week has been good! EXCEPT it got to below freezing... already. You will probably hear this like every week because its cold.

So my dad asked some more questions that i thought i would also answer in this letter:

What is sue falls known for?  Sioux Falls is known for... i don't really know. like everyone here is a doctor though because there are two pretty large hospitals.
How many stakes are there?  There is only one stake. I covers like... all of south Dakota and into Minnesota.
What part of Sue Falls do you live? we live in the city.

I do like it here in Sioux Falls though. The members are very nice and the city is pretty cool too. Theres like everything you could ever want here as far as like restaurants, stores etc goes. I'm sure i will enjoy being here!

We have been working a lot with a few people that will hopefully be baptized in the next few weeks. Most of the people we have been teaching have taken the discussions for a LONG time but for whatever reason they want to be baptized now. I'm sure ill say more about them in later emails.

Well thats about it for this week!

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sioux Falls!!

Hey everyone!

Yes i got transferred! I'm up in one of the furthest north parts of the mission... so its cold. Already. I guess in the winter it gets to about -30. So excited for that.... NOT. We can't even go outside when its that cold. youll get frostbite within like 5 minutes outside. So thats going to be interesting.

But i'm excited! This area is one of the best in the mission. And i'm with one of the missionaries from my MTC district!!! Its going to be a blast. His name is Elder Jensen! Hes such a funny guy. 

On sunday this week, we were sitting in sacrament meeting and this guy came in and we talked to him and he said that he had been investigating the church for almost 10 years but never joined becacuse he was living with his Girlfriend but now he is ready to get baptized. His name is Anthony! What a miracle. We hadn't even talked to him or even heard of him or anything but he just showed back up at the church. Hes a good guy and says he already has a solid testimony of the gospel. We will see how it goes from there.

Its been a crazy week. I'm looking forward to having everything settle down a little bit. 

Last week we went hiking on P-day (before i was transferred) and it was kinda fun, But we got attacked by some strange bugs. Pictures of hiking attached!

Then we also went to transfer point and we had all matching ties. We had so much dang fun back in CB. #godsquad.

Love you all!!!

Elder Carter

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Transfers once again!


Yes this week is transfers. I haven't found out for sure if i'm leaving yet but assume that i will. But you never know!

So last week i saw something that reminded me of my sister savanna, and this week i found something for Katie! Pretty cool i think. We knocked on all the doors on that street to. Most people were gone... But still worth a try i think haha.

 Inline image 1

Other than that it's been a pretty relaxed week. Just runnin around teaching people. One of the families we are teaching is the Castaneda family. They are soooo awesome. Two of their kids are super great. They will probably get baptized in the next few weeks i think. Hopefully they will be able to come to church, both of the parents are blind so they can't drive and we have been finding rides for them. But they are so awesome.

We had some good meetings this week with our stake president and another one with all the priesthood men in the stake about member missionary work. Seriously the comparison between the work the missionaries can do and the work the members can do is not even CLOSE. Definitely help out the missionaries any chance you get!

Love you all!

ELder Carter

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dearest Family and Friends

Hello Dearest family and friends

Such a good week its been! Had some good lessons, some good trainings, and some good everything really!

So I saw this place today that made me think of my sister Savanna. She is a clogger and we walked by this studio that said "Foggy Mountain Cloggers" hahaha. Sooo close to rocky mountain cloggers. But anyways just thought id throw that one in there.

Also I got to pet one of the elusive black squirrels. We were talking to this guy on his porch and this squirrel ran up and started begging for food. Apparently this guy feeds all the neighborhood squirrels. So when it was eating i squatted down and petted it. Strangely the fur was actually pretty soft. I'd definitely keep one of them as a pet. Sept they'd probably climb all over the walls... Worth.

And another fun thing, Last week, we were over at one of our investigators houses and he was doing some work thing for a guy and taking pictures of his car and whatnot. We didn't think much of it but we talked to the guy for a while, he gave us a tour of his car too (it was a fancy new Tesla car said it was about $55000 or so).  Then on Tuesday last week we got a text from our bishop and was like Hey did you meet a guy named Elon Musk? And we had no idea who that was so we said no? Should we? And he said Well your investigator told me that you did. So we called up our investigator and i guess we did. Still didn't know who he was though and then we asked our bishop and he said "hes a billionaire/cofounder of Tesla." BILLIONAIRE?! yep. Met a billionaire right here in council bluffs.

We had Zone Training this week! and it was so good. We studied this talk called Purify yourselves, and basically its about how a guy fasted for 40 days from things that were holding him back from being a powerful missionary IE: Waking up late, not studying, thinking about women etc). So we are currently doing that same fast. Hopefully it will help us become better missionaries! I'm sure it will!

Hope you all are enjoying life!!! i know i am!

Love you!!

Elder Carter

Monday, October 3, 2016


Well hello family!

This Conference was GREAT!!! hope you all learned some new things! i know i did! I think its interesting how many people feel like there is different themes for conference! I obviously thought the theme was missionary work but thats because im a missionary... But i LOVED the talk by Oaks and the other one about the power of the book of mormon. What a great weekend its been!

So interviews were super good this last week too. I'm sure theres a picture of me on the facebook page as well. President Gardner shared some ways with me that i could improve my studies as well as increase the faith of my district. He is also starting to emphasize memorizing scriptures! so thats what ill be working on in the next few months!

This week i'm going on exchanges with some other elders in my district. It Should be really good. I'm excited to be able to help them in their area. We also have Zone training coming up this Thursday as well... and guess what mother... i am doing a musical number haha. Piano song! Hopefully i will be able to play it well enough without too much practice.

So there is a cat that lives around our apartment that likes to come up and meow at our door and one night we were just going inside and the cat came and we started petting it but the cat decided that it wanted to go inside. So it booked it in before we could shut the door. and it took us a while to get the cat out of our apartment. It started running around and jumping up on our study desks so we had to close all the doors around so it wouldnt get into the closets or anything. We finally got it out after some bribery with tuna.

Hope all is going well for you!


Elder Carter

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Allergies Galore

Hi family :)

A couple few months ago i was wondering why i was getting so sick all the time. Well Sister Gardner suggested i go in to get tested for allergies. so i did. They tested me for 56 different things... and i'm allergic to 40 of them. Most of them are severe too. The doctor said i was literally allergic to the months march through October. Super fun! But hey now that we got that figured out i can finally start fixing it!

But this week has been pretty awesome. We have had so many nice people. We taught this one lady named Kassi and she was super accepting. She wants to learn more about what happens after we die which is perfect because that's what we share anyways haha. We are going back to her house this Thursday. Hopefully she will want to continue to learn! The gospel would be so good for her family!

In other news we had the cops called on us this week! That was a pretty cool experience. We were just walking down the street and this cop pulled up next to us and got out and was like "hey are you guys selling stuff?" we said nah we are just missionaries, sharing a message about Christ. He said some lady down the street called the cops on us because she thought we were scary. So that was pretty fun!

This week should go by super fast. Tomorrow is district meeting and then Wednesday is interviews with the mission president and then the weekend is General Conference! I'm so excited for General Conference! I love being able to hear what the apostles and prophet have to say to the people. Hopefully they will provide some good insight in this crazy world we live in today!
Talk to you next week! Should have some more fun things!

Elder Carter

Monday, September 19, 2016

Zone Conference with Elder Fallabella.

Hello family!

This week has been so dang good. so many things have happened!

So last p-day we went to this cookie shop called Ilene's cookies. Oh man they were so dang good. They reminded me of that one cookie shop in Utah that Uncle Blake took us to. Sept it was better!
We also played volleyball again. i'm going to be good when i get back i can tell. I got a few calls from the U.S. Olympic team but i had to turn them down cause i'm a missionary. And Coke wanted to sponsor me but i don't drink soda so that didn't work out. Or maybe none of that happened and i'm really not that good. its either one of those.

And i went on exchanges on Tuesday! I went with Elder Hubbard! it was so awesome. We taught all the people. Learned a lot and got some good advice for missionary work in the future

Then on Saturday we had a super sweet zone conference. Elder Fallabella From the first quorum of the seventy can and gave us some instruction. It was so good. It answered a lot of questions that i had concerning my area. He related our missionary efforts to the efforts of Ammon and Aaron in the Book of Mormon and told us that we should be focusing on the head of the household at all costs. Only after we have tried everything to teach the father should we continue to teach the other members of the family alone. So hopefully we will be able to do that. We have a few situations where that is applicable. There should be some more pictures on the facebook page! probably not as many because Sister Gardner was busy with other things but still!

It seemed like this week we were so busy teaching people. Everywhere we went there was someone that we were able to share the message of the restoration with. There are so many people that are prepared to hear the gospel! Like it says, the field is white... and when you harvest... the whole field gets harvested. we just gotta thrust in our sickle with our might, everything else is taken care of haha. Hard work and a testimony is all you need!

my dad asked these questions:
Is it getting colder yet? Its getting a little colder. Its about 70-80 degrees usually which is nice. still humid though
What do you do for exercise? Push-ups and sit ups. I'm up to 45 push-ups in a row.
Will you stay in the same area longer now that you are a DL? no. I will probably be transferred at the end of this transfer.
What perks do DL's get that others don't? none haha. I just give trainings every week and do exchanges with the other missionaries and do baptismal interviews
Are there Sisters in your District? yes 2 sets
Did you even catch the wild turkey? no. It disappeared. But there are so many turkeys around here. 

Anyways thats about it for this week! 
Love you all!

Elder Carter

p.s. this picture is us leaving for zone conference. (left to right) elder Hubbard, elder Hughes, me, and elder Christensen.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Super Secret Seventy Session

Hello family! what a wonderful week it has been! Hope its been the same for you!

In light of 9/11 yesterday, I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice many have made for this country. I'm grateful that I can do what I'm doing now because of those before us. In this time of remembrance I would turn everyone's mind to the saviors sacrifice as well. There was no greater sacrifice in all of history than his. The world was never the same because of him. 

So this week was so awesome. We are teaching a family named the Castaneda's. They are super sweet. 3 of their kids want to be baptized so we are working on helping them meet the requirements. I'm hoping that they will be able to be baptized in the next few weeks. As long as they wake up for church on Sundays haha. They are so awesome though.

In other news, our mission president invited my companion and I to a meeting held by the area seventy in charge of our area. In short, it was INSPIRING. He talked about miracles and faith for most of the time. Our mission president is really trying to start all the newer missionaries on a path that will lead to success. He doesn't want the statistics to "corrupt" our minds. The normal statistic on our mission is 1.4 baptisms per year per missionary. Elder Carpenter (the area 70) shared so many miracles from his mission where the average was 1 per missionary per mission. Those stories have increased my faith so much and we have been working so hard to find those that are prepared. Because of that, my companion and I are CONFIDENT that we are going to be lead to those that will accept us this transfer. There are two sisters in our mission that are prime examples of this. One of them is... SISTER SMITH. Good ol' two T is represented strong! She and her companion have been able to find and help so many people progress towards eternal life. They were able to teach me how they are able to do that. And so we will be trying to work on that this transfer, and we have ALREADY seen so much more success from it.

This week is zone conference with another member of the 70. It's going to be so good. I am so excited for this opportunity. Also this week my companion and I are going on exchanges with the zone leaders so that should be so fun. I'm excited to see how I can be a better missionary and better leader! Its going to be great!

But that's about it i think! Keep on keepin on! You guys are awesome don't forget it!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day

Hello everyone! 

Again apologies for the lateness, All the libraries were closed. I don't know why but all the holidays seem to fall on mondays... But oh well. here we are.

This week is transfers! Actually tomorrow is transfers. I am not getting transfered this time but i suspect that next transfer i will be. I get to stay in good ol greenview for another 6 weeks! i'm pretty happy about that.

I forgot to mention the last couple weeks that i got the package from the 5th ward! it was quite nice! Thanks for all the letters and candy and the tie! Always a good time getting things from home!

But this week had some ups and downs. At the begining of the week we found like 3 families that seemed pretty promising! we taught them the restoration and they all seemed interested but unfortunately the return appointments fell through. So hopefully this week we will be able to go back and teach them. Thats what we are going to be focusing on in the future is getting SOLID return appointments. I think its mostly my fault because we aren't reminding the people before so they can be there. But we will get it i'm sure.

Last week for P-day we played some super fun games of Volleyball with a couple of the members in our area. It was so so so fun. I finally got to realize my dream of being a setter for a volley ball team. But man volleyball is fun. we are playing again thisnext monday so i will be sure to get some pictures. And I hope katie knows that i'm comin for her when i get back. there will be a new volleyball master in town. haha.

I did bring my camara so attached are some more pictures from trainer/Trainee and my district picture.

Well talk to you all next week!


ELder Andy Carter

Monday, August 29, 2016

Trainer Reunion!

Hello Everyone!

Shashasha SHOUTOUT to my brother! Tis Coby's birthday today! What a great guy he is. Good ole 22. Now you can sing along to that T-swizzle song. Enjoy!

I seriously don't know what happened to this week. Like i feel like i just emailed you this morning... but hey i guess thats alright.

But hey this week we had Trainer/Trainee Meeting! It was so good. I learned so much about how to train! I hope that i didn't corrupt him within the first 3 weeks of training hahaha. I got to see all my buddies from lincoln! My last Companion and my MTC Companion! You probably will see some pictures on the facebook page. And if i had remembered my camara i would have sent some too... but.... Nope.

This week has been a little bit slower just because we had another assignment from our mission president. We are supposed to go find all the people in our area that were baptized within the last 2 years. And our area has like 25 or so. So we have been trying to get ahold of them but haven't quite gotten there yet. But its all good.

Weve been teaching lots of people but once again we are struggling getting them to come to church. A lot of times people will say they are coming but then never show up. And we couldn't go get them because we have ward council. We might stop going to ward council and just go get our investigators and bring them to church... but its hard because we are trying to get the trust of the ward back since we whitewashed. But its alright i'm sure we will figure it out.

So the Zone Leaders live right above us now and so we have had a blast. But anyways saturday night, they got back a little later than normal and we saw that there was a bunch of frogs outside. So we caught probably like 10 frogs and put them in the zone leaders bath tub. It was so funny when they got back and noticed them! I Love catching Frogs though. 

Anyways thats about it!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, August 22, 2016

Zoo Adventures!

Hello family!

This week we went to the Zoo for P-day so thats why i am emailing later than usual!
It was so Fun! I LOVE zoo's and the Omaha Zoo was voted the best in the world recently! it was so great! Animals are the best. And of course we got to see some penguins so my life is made pretty much. They we awesome with their little flippers and their funny running :)

Anyways this week has been great. We have taught a TON of people. We were tracting one day and we actually found a member that had been lost from our records and he wanted us to start teaching his family. So we have been teaching them and we are hopefully going to be able to get them coming to church and be baptized. 

This week was stake conference for my stake. Again it was great! President Gardner Spoke at it and he actually gave us a shoutout haha. It was pretty funny. President is such a great guy. Seriously hes the best. I'm so lucky to have him as my leader. He's taught me so much and i hope i have the opportunity to work closer with him  because he is inspired.

But after stake conference, we took a gander at our car and noticed that the tire was FLAT... we ran over a screw... and so we had to put on the spare... But the tire was like so rusted on there that we couldn't get it off with 3 missionaries pulling on it.... It literally took us like 2 hours to try and get it off until finally we had some mechanic guy come over and ask us if we needed help. He just got under the car and did some magical thing (smacked it with a hammer super hard) and it came off. But anyways we dropped it off to get it fixed and it was supposed to be done at 3 and... its still not done. SO we don't quite know what to do yet. But thats alright

On Tuesday we have Trainer/Trainee Meeting which is going to be super awesome. President takes all the trainers and talks with them, helps them with any struggles and teaches them what to do. and the Assistants do the same with the trainees. I'm so excited to see all my trainer buddies from my last area too. It's going to be one big party. Except better!

Also Another intersting thing that happened this week, the Zone leaders have moved right above us. We live in a duplex and so its just us and them in this house. Its so awesome. These guys are great haha. We are havin a blast. 

Thats about it for this week

Love you all!

Elder Carter