Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Turkey Day!


Happy Holidays! 

I'm grateful that it didn't snow like it was supposed to!

This week has been pretty good :) Thanksgiving and other festivities! good times!
Oh wednesday before thanksgiving, Brother Homer took us out to a restaurant named Chevy's, and it was dang good. I got these steak tacos that were so good. Their salsa was divine as well. we probably ate 20 cups of that salsa. We ate so much food.

THen we had thanksgiving. We went over to the Thulin's for dinner. They made a ton of food! mostly because they have 10 kids... But it was a good time! But i've probably had enough food in the last week to last me the rest of my mission haha.

Yesterday we had a talk by a young woman about service which is quite fitting because of the new Christmas Initiative that the church has put out. She said something that i thought was pretty profound "The phrase What would Jesus Do is a common phrase but i don't like it because it seems like a guilt trip, instead i think what if that was the savior?" I hope as we do the service activites and such we can think that way instead of being guilted into serving our neighbors :)

This wednesday is transfers! So I have no idea if i will be getting a new companion or not. It won't be likely that i am getting transfered but you never really know! i'm sure youll find out next week!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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