Monday, April 25, 2016

how does this keep happening to us?

Hey everyone

So this week has been crazy. Two days of Exchanges which makes the week FLY by. But yeah so much has happened.

So on Wednesday we were at interviews with President Gardner. My interview went fine but when we were just sitting outside in the hall, this lady walked in and was like hey guys who can I talk to about attending and learning more about the church. I mean... a room with 6 missionaries... and she just happened to show up right then. THEN on Friday, we were just getting out of a lesson that went way longer than we wanted, we walked outside and stopped this lady to see if we could talk to her. She was like you guys are LDS right? and we said yes. She said her son had just gotten baptized in Oregon where they used to live and he was trying to find out where he could go to church. Crazy that we happened to be right there when she walked by. THENNNNN we were out with a member trying to see some people and this van drives up and stops and is like you guys are Mormon right? can we have one of your books? She was like yeah I was baptized Baptist or something but I just like what the Mormons believe better. I want to have some people come over. My two daughters are Mormon.  THEEENNNNNN we were sitting in church on sunday and these two random people show up and we are super confused because we haven't seen them before. We talked to them and I guess they used to take the discussions from the missionaries and then had to move to Washington but now they are back and wanted to come to church. I don't know how that stuff keeps happening to us but its been crazy this week. Super fun stories to tell though.

So this week we do have 2 baptisms! Its super exciting! MJ and  Thu are getting baptized! We are super excited about it. they are quite ready for it as well which is the best thing. Hopefully they will be able to progress further and don't become inactive. Pictures to come next week

Also today our elders quorum president wanted to go golfing with us this morning. It was quite fun. I did way better than I normally do which is still not good at all. I was only like... 14 strokes behind my companion. But it was still quite fun.

So back home, my family used to always go out to eat at golden corral. Well little did you all know that we have one here in Lincoln. My companion and I went there on Saturday. It was about as good as I remember... so not that good but lots of food! I had like 6 pieces of pie... Elder Karl said "bet you can't eat 10 pies." so I had to try. Worth.

Oh and so we do this service at a place called the people's city mission where they hand out food and stuff to poor people and sometimes they get some good stuff and let us take some of it. They had a whole shipment of soon to expire sour patch kids. So they gave me a whole box. now I filled up a drawer with 22 packs of sour patch kids in my desk. Livin the life. but unfortunately im super sick of them now.

Final note: Yay pictures! Sorry I'm so bad at sending pictures.

Love you all
Elder Carter

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pictures of Andy

Here are a few pictures of Andy that were posted on the NOM facebook page.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I ran out of interesting titles for Emails

Hello everyone!

If you don't know my Dad as well as my immediate family does, one thing he does quite often is say obscure phrases that no one really understands or even uses anymore. One of his more popular phrases he like to use was "milling around" and we would always just laugh at him. No one says that. OR DO THEY? We ran into this super old guy, 89 years old, and we started talking to him. Anyways he somehow got to telling us about a dream he had and he said "all these people were just milling around in a big room." you win this round Dad. But there is still plenty of other phrases I have yet to hear.

But man this week has flown by. Lots of things have happened.

As far as investigators go, we decided to move Thu's (the Vietnamese lady) Baptism to the 30th of april. We wanted to make sure she fully understands everything.

And sad story... Ricky and MJ are moving out of our boundaries... we don't get to baptize them. But honestly it doesn't even matter that much. As long as she gets baptized, that's all that really matters. They are super solid so i have no doubt that they will keep progressing.

Anyways, the work is going well. We are still teaching as much as we can. We got interviews with the mission president this Wednesday and 2 days of exchanges too. SO that should be a lot of fun.

Nother interesting thing about nebrakan's... they say things like wash and water weird. They actually say it "warsh" and "warter" i don't get it at all but whatever works i guess. But man football is huge here. Last week they had a practice football game at the end of the season and 75000 people showed up to watch them... PRACTICE. but hey i admire the dedication.

Well I hope all goes well this week for everyone!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Andy participated in a "Mission Olympics" contest and this is one of the pictures we found on facebook.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

This week seems to have flown by. Probably because we've been quite busy, so that's good. But anyways...

Last week, actually on Monday after P-day ended, we got a text from one of our investigators. She is probably like late 40's and from Vietnam. She speaks very little English so we have had a hard time teaching her in the past. Also she works a crazy work schedule so we haven't met with her in over a month. Anyways she texted us and said " I would like to be baptize but don't know how to do." My companion and I freaked. I have no idea what caused her to want to be baptized but it was a straight up miracle. We hadn't even really taught her. Her baptism should be this Saturday. It may change though cause we aren't sure what the bishop wants to do.

Anyways We have also been continually teaching Ricky and MJ. MJ is progressing to be baptized on april 23rd as well. They have made some serious progress in the gospel. I believe they sincerely want to change. The only problem is they may be moving out of our boundaries. we aren't sure how that will work out or anything. But if they do, we won't get to baptize MJ. But as long as she does get baptized, it doesn't really matter. They are super cool.

Fun story that I did: We were going to the house of one of our investigators. her name is lisa. This is how the conversation went

I said "hi is Jacki here?" (her name isn't jacki)
My companion blurts out semi under his breath, "lisa!"
"lisa here?" I immediately say.
Classic "call the investigator by the wrong name" technique. Works every time.

Also a few weeks ago I may have accidentally taught the trinity to someone. I was like "we are just sharing a message that Jesus Christ and God is our loving heavenly father." Butchered it. Man im as green as the grass. but its all good. maybe by the end of my mission ill be decent at teaching.

Anyways this week has been quite good. Hope all has gone well for all of you.

Elder Carter

Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference

Hello Everyone!

Hope all has been well this last week! I know its been good here! well decent... has rained a few times which makes tracting much less fun. But what can ya do.

What a glorious weekend of conference we had! I thought it was super great. I especially loved the talk about Humility. These last few weeks I have been trying to find ways to be more humble and reading through the preach my gospel section on humility as well. I believe that is my biggest problem and so it was great to have my questions answered by an apostle of God. Super nice tender mercy for me. Also Elder Hollands talk at the end was killer. I hope we all can keep that spirit of general conference with us as we go throughout our days.

Funny story for this week... we were tracting down this street and we talked to this family that was outside and they invited us, half jokingly, to go to a catholic prayer meeting with us. When we said yeah we'd love to go the look on their faces was PRICELESS. They were totally not expecting us to say yes and they were so surprised. The dad was like oh well if you guys came there might be a lot of people that would be upset so you probably shouldn't come. It was great.

We haven't had a lot of success this last week. We've had a lot of bad luck lately it seems. but hey not every week can be super amazing. This week is looking quite promising though. Got a lot of appointments tonight so if that's any indicator then we are gunna be busy.

So you may not know this but missionaries are just like a bunch of college kids or kids fresh out of high school. This week, as most of you probably know, and if you don't then you gotta get out of your shell, was the beginning of April. April Fools day. After we got Back from out morning run, we walked into our apartment to find most of our furniture flipped upside down. Those dang missionaries in a different ward got us. So as revenge we (During our lunch break so no we didn't break the rules or anything) went back to their apartment to get revenge. But they were smart. They locked their door. But we were smarter. We got in through a back window. And we got them SOOOO good. Like they have a hallway with a T intersection that goes to their rooms on the right and the kitchen on the left. We Stood the couch up on the end to block on way and put their fridge on the other side so there was no way to get through. We took their mattresses and put them in the shower and then we put their desks in the bathroom. like it was pure masterpiece. Dang I wish I had gotten pictures cause it was good. But yeah we like doing stuff like that.

Anyways Everyone enjoy your week! Im glad its starting to warm up! I Don't do well in the cold. But yeah im excited for summer!

Love you all!
Elder Carter