Monday, April 18, 2016

I ran out of interesting titles for Emails

Hello everyone!

If you don't know my Dad as well as my immediate family does, one thing he does quite often is say obscure phrases that no one really understands or even uses anymore. One of his more popular phrases he like to use was "milling around" and we would always just laugh at him. No one says that. OR DO THEY? We ran into this super old guy, 89 years old, and we started talking to him. Anyways he somehow got to telling us about a dream he had and he said "all these people were just milling around in a big room." you win this round Dad. But there is still plenty of other phrases I have yet to hear.

But man this week has flown by. Lots of things have happened.

As far as investigators go, we decided to move Thu's (the Vietnamese lady) Baptism to the 30th of april. We wanted to make sure she fully understands everything.

And sad story... Ricky and MJ are moving out of our boundaries... we don't get to baptize them. But honestly it doesn't even matter that much. As long as she gets baptized, that's all that really matters. They are super solid so i have no doubt that they will keep progressing.

Anyways, the work is going well. We are still teaching as much as we can. We got interviews with the mission president this Wednesday and 2 days of exchanges too. SO that should be a lot of fun.

Nother interesting thing about nebrakan's... they say things like wash and water weird. They actually say it "warsh" and "warter" i don't get it at all but whatever works i guess. But man football is huge here. Last week they had a practice football game at the end of the season and 75000 people showed up to watch them... PRACTICE. but hey i admire the dedication.

Well I hope all goes well this week for everyone!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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