Monday, April 25, 2016

how does this keep happening to us?

Hey everyone

So this week has been crazy. Two days of Exchanges which makes the week FLY by. But yeah so much has happened.

So on Wednesday we were at interviews with President Gardner. My interview went fine but when we were just sitting outside in the hall, this lady walked in and was like hey guys who can I talk to about attending and learning more about the church. I mean... a room with 6 missionaries... and she just happened to show up right then. THEN on Friday, we were just getting out of a lesson that went way longer than we wanted, we walked outside and stopped this lady to see if we could talk to her. She was like you guys are LDS right? and we said yes. She said her son had just gotten baptized in Oregon where they used to live and he was trying to find out where he could go to church. Crazy that we happened to be right there when she walked by. THENNNNN we were out with a member trying to see some people and this van drives up and stops and is like you guys are Mormon right? can we have one of your books? She was like yeah I was baptized Baptist or something but I just like what the Mormons believe better. I want to have some people come over. My two daughters are Mormon.  THEEENNNNNN we were sitting in church on sunday and these two random people show up and we are super confused because we haven't seen them before. We talked to them and I guess they used to take the discussions from the missionaries and then had to move to Washington but now they are back and wanted to come to church. I don't know how that stuff keeps happening to us but its been crazy this week. Super fun stories to tell though.

So this week we do have 2 baptisms! Its super exciting! MJ and  Thu are getting baptized! We are super excited about it. they are quite ready for it as well which is the best thing. Hopefully they will be able to progress further and don't become inactive. Pictures to come next week

Also today our elders quorum president wanted to go golfing with us this morning. It was quite fun. I did way better than I normally do which is still not good at all. I was only like... 14 strokes behind my companion. But it was still quite fun.

So back home, my family used to always go out to eat at golden corral. Well little did you all know that we have one here in Lincoln. My companion and I went there on Saturday. It was about as good as I remember... so not that good but lots of food! I had like 6 pieces of pie... Elder Karl said "bet you can't eat 10 pies." so I had to try. Worth.

Oh and so we do this service at a place called the people's city mission where they hand out food and stuff to poor people and sometimes they get some good stuff and let us take some of it. They had a whole shipment of soon to expire sour patch kids. So they gave me a whole box. now I filled up a drawer with 22 packs of sour patch kids in my desk. Livin the life. but unfortunately im super sick of them now.

Final note: Yay pictures! Sorry I'm so bad at sending pictures.

Love you all
Elder Carter

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