Monday, November 20, 2017

P-Day B-Day

🐧 21. Hurray. I don't know how i made it this far... but here i am.

Zone Training this week went super well. I gave a training on the Doctrine of Christ (article of faith 4) and i was worried that i didn't have enough material. but when i started going i realized i had WAY too much. I could have gone for probably an hour and 15 minutes and had to cut it down to 30. I hope everyone enjoyed the training as much as i enjoyed preparing and teaching it haha.

Interviews were good as well. Pretty standard i guess.

We went on exchanges with the Assistants this last week. One of them is my old companion, Elder Brinkerhoff. We had a good time, and were able to do a lot.

So there is this family in our ward, the Roundy's, that has a cat that HATES me. I don't even know why. I was sitting on the couch just minding my own business and the cat snuck up behind the couch, and jumped up and HEADBUTTED ME. What the heck? then a little later, i was just sitting there again and it jumped up and slapped me in the head with its paw!

I think i may have mentioned but idk, they do a Gingerbread Festival here at the Trail Center every year. People make gingerbread houses for display. ANyways our ward asked us to make one for it so we did. We helped make a log cabin house out of pretzels and stuff. We made the outhouse too. It looked dang good by the time we finished. Hopefully my mom got the picture of it from the members.

Last night there was a Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard that all the missionaries were invited to. It was just a question and answer session. It was awesome! There was some good questions that Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard were able to answer. Also Elder Oaks just FLAMED people to. He was super funny. Ballard talked a lot about not using technology so much in our lives.

Well i love all of you!
Elder Carter

Monday, November 13, 2017

Two Ward Challenge

Hello family!

This week has been pretty crazy! 

One of the recent converts in my ward got married on Saturday! We helped them get everything set up for the wedding. I guess you can say i am a professional wedding decorator now. I could see purple ribbons in my sleep after that. But man it looked amazing. Never would have thought it was a church gym after what we did to the place.

One of the Areas in our Zone (pacific ridges) got missionaries taken out of it... so now Elder Jessop and I are in charge of their ward too. On Saturday a recent convert from another ward moved into the Pacific Ridges ward, so we went scrambling around to try and get people to introduce themselves to her and also get things set up for church on Sunday. Its been a wild ride. Also 6 hours of church in a row is a long time... but its all good.

Zone Conference this last week was so good. Elder Natress of the 70 came to do a mission tour, and he gave us some great tips as far as missionary work goes. Also we were lucky to be able to have a short MLC with him before Zone Conference. He was super inspiring.

This upcoming week we have Zone Training. So Elder Jessop and I and the Sister Training Leaders will be training our whole zone. We have a pretty good plan for what we would like to do, and i hope that it will go well. I have had only about a long time to prepare... haha.
Also before Zone Training, we have interviews. We haven't planned everything out for that yet but im sure we will get a call from President later this week to discuss the plans.

We will also be going on exchanges with the Assistants this week so that will be fun!

And Amanda's baptism is scheduled for Friday!!! so thats super exciting. We might have to postpone it because she wants someone to baptize her that lives out of town... we will see though.

Well I love all of you!

Elder Carter

Monday, November 6, 2017

Transfers were last week


Transfers were last week. My new companion is Elder Jessop! He's from Anchorage Alaska. And surprisingly it is colder here than it is in Anchorage. Literally everyone we talk to asks him about the coldness. Its funny.

So a few weeks ago, i mentioned a lady named Amanda. We have been meeting with her and teaching her for these last few months. She has had some hesitation about being baptized because she wants her husband to get more involved, and she doesn't like setting dates for things. But this last week we went over to her house and taught her a lesson, then i asked what she has been thinking about baptism. She said that she just felt like she was prompted to get baptized. She felt like she was waiting for things that weren't a big deal and that it was time for her to be baptized. She she set a date of November 17th for her baptism. We are so excited for her.

Yesterday we also met a missionary that had previously returned home that served in this area. He told us about an investigator that he used to teach when he was here and set up an appointment for us to go with him and the investigator to the trail center. We got there and talked with her for a little bit and she has been missing the church. She said that she really wants to keep learning more and also get baptized. So thats super awesome! Her name is Megan.

This week we have MLC on Wednesday and Zone Conference also on Wednesday. It's going to be a full week. We have Elder Natress, an area 70, coming to zone conference and mlc to do a mission tour. I have met him once before so maybe he will remember me... probably not. haha

We also might be going to the temple with one of our recent converts.
And another one of our recent converts is going to get married on saturday. Idk if we are invited to the wedding but we will see i guess!

Other than that, i'm excited for this transfer. Elder Jessop and I have a lot of good things going.
Love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, October 30, 2017



Transfers are around the corner! I'm not getting transferred but my companion is! My companion is going to Marshal Minnesota! way up north. Just in time for the winter. 

My new companions name is Elder Jessop. I don't know him at all. Hopefully it will be good!

On Saturday, my ward had a Trunk or Treat! one of the members in our ward let us borrow some banana suits. It was quite awesome if you ask me. And last christmas, dad sent me a horse head mask. SO I combined the two costumes. i was a horse banana. It was interesting to say the least. I couldn't see anything because people kept shoving candy into the horse mouth. Good times.

I'm excited for a new transfer! This week we are doing a district leader training on Thursday morning. Not quite sure what we will train about yet but ill get it figured out.

Next week another General Authority is coming to our mission too. He is going to have a special MLC on wednesday morning so that should be fun.

Also in November, the Trail Center does this thing called Gingerbread. Literally hundreds of people build gingerbread houses and display them in the Trail Center. Every ward even has a "gingerbread-specialist" calling. Somehow we got roped into building a gingerbread house or something, so we will see how that goes.

Well i love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, October 23, 2017

Breakfast of Champions


Zone Conference on Tuesday was so good. We mostly focused on the importance of Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. President Gave us so much information from every source you can imagine. We also got to talk about General Conference, and what things stood out to us. 

So we have one investigator named Amanda that has been coming to church for a few years now. She's super awesome, and will hopefully be getting baptized soon. We were talking about how she and her husband met, and we asked about their marriage. This was her story: "I had the day off so i called him and said "hey you want to go get married?" Then we needed witnesses so he posted of facebook that they needed help moving, and the first two people to respond went with us as witnesses.

Pretty awesome i'd say. I think my future wife and i will do that. Sorry fam!

MLC was much different than they have been in the past. A few weeks ago, we took a survey about general missionary stuff, and at MLC we reviewed the results. We discusses the problems that we are facing as a mission and discussed things we could do to solve them. It was unique to get each others input and discuss solutions to help the missionaries. Our mission president has given us a lot of freedom to try and help everyone be the best missionaries possible.

This week is like our one free week. We don't have any special meetings or things to go to. So we will have plenty of time in our area!! We do have one exchange on thursday. but thats not a big deal.

I love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hi ^_^

Hi ^_^

I have really enjoyed this week. Wednesday we went on exchanges again with some missionaries in one of my old areas. We went out at about 10 after studying. We went to one street to try and see someone. They weren't home so we knocked on some doors, not really expecting to find anyone home because it was 10 on a wednesday. But we knocked on one door and a man opened the door and let us right in. We shared the message of the restoration with him and he said that he and his wife had just talked about how they didn't feel that the church they had been going to was the right one.
So i knew that we were going on exchanges, and i knew some members that were in that ward, so i texted one of the families, the beans, and asked them to sign up for dinner so i could come over haha. They are just like our family. Their son is so much like me. Its crazy. It was a great time.

We have zone conference tomorrow. And My companion and i were asked to speak about something that we learned from General Conference and what we are going to do because of it. I'm still not 100% sure what i'm going to say yet, but i have spent a lot of time thinking and studying my notes about what i want to say. So i guess we will see how it goes.

We are going on exchanges again with the Lakeview elders, and i am probably going to be with one of the companions that i trained in Sioux Falls. It should be quite a good time.

Then friday we have MLC, which is my favorite meeting.

And on sunday, I was asked to go down to lincoln to preform in a musical fireside down there. Hopefully i will get to see a bunch of the members that know when i served there. But man its been almost 2 years since i saw them. Who knows if they will recognize me haha. I'm excited though!

This week is going to be great.

Love you all!
Elder Carter

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Thanks Columbus for finding the 'merica's. 🐧

Life is crazy.

This week has been pretty much the same as all the other weeks. We did have interviews today though. Learned some stuff. Won the interview. then i left.

We have this recent convert named Jacqueline that is super awesome. She is super funny. She has the same humor as me so we get along great. She like HATES Columbus because he kinda was a terrible person... so we texted her yesterday and said happy Columbus day. She said no more like happy indigenous peoples day! so we said happy Lamanite day! aka happy slothful complainers day!
Then we went to their house and shared a message with her. 1 Nephi 13:12. kinda about Columbus. It was funny.

We also have this sweet investigator named willy. He's from texas... and he was pretty much a gang leader down there... and decided that he wanted to change his life around. So we are working with him. but he's got some issues haha.

we have also been helping paint this families house. I don't know much about painting but i think we are doing a good job. its a lot of work though.

They have some super sweet outlet malls here... found that out yesterday.

Elder Johnson and I are doin well. We are working with the ward to help us teach a few people. they have been coming to church for a while but are afraid of missionaries because of past missionaries. so thats cool.

I love everyone.
Elder Carter