Monday, June 26, 2017



My sister is officially an adult! The big one eight! Go by a lottery ticket! Happy birthday sis!

This week has been awesome! We had MLC on Friday and we had some super helpful trainings. One was about how to be a good leader and how we should act. The other was about how to conduct exchanges with other missionaries. Both of those trainings were like perfect for me because I haven't really had much experience with either.

Then we went on exchanges! I went with Elder Smith! He is so dang funny. He's like that quite guy that doesn't talk much but when he does, it's the funniest thing ever. We had a grand ol' time walkin around and talking to people. We met this one SUPER drunk guy. I walked up and started talking to him and he literally about fell over walking over to us. Then he said..."you guys Mormons? I don't believe in Mormons" ...interesting. I'm pretty sure Mormons are a real thing? Then I just said, oh well do you have a faith in Christ? And he like stumbled and grabbed on to my arm so he didn't fall over. And I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read it haha. Then he started telling us about how he can't deal with holy people. And that he was Way above us. Good times drunk people. Hopefully he will read that book of Mormon.

We also had some pretty sweet district meeting. Here are some pictures. They were all about helping investigators come to church.

But man this Sunday was Ward Council. And it was SO Good. The stake president talked and whenever he talks I just get like inspired. He was talking about how someone asked him to prove that there was a God and he responded by saying prove that you are happy? Prove you love your kids? Then he said something I loved. "The most important knowledge you learn is knowledge FELT not Measured."

Well i hope you all have a magical week. I know i will.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

P.S. Transfers on Wednesday... but i'm not getting transferred.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day!!!

Happy Fathers day! I'm so grateful for my dad and all his goofy antics. He's strange and weird in the best way haha.

Well this week was quite eventful to say the least.

We had a super sweet zone conference. We learned a ton of things about how to become more like Christ. I love the focus on self improvement that we have. 
And Elder Finicum and my training went pretty ok as well. Definitely could have been worse! haha
And then afterwards We got to play softball and it was so dang fun. Brought me back to the good ol days playin in baseball tournaments all over Idaho. And our shirts came out $$$ so that's a huge bonus.

We also had to move out of our house on Saturday... so that was kinda annoying. But we moved into a New apartment that is super nice. Its probably the best one i have stayed in. Staying in our own place has its benefits. We actually have our own fridge which is nice. But we don't have our own piano.. bummer.

We just have meetings all the time. Like this Friday we have a meeting with all the other zone leaders across the mission. Which will be super sweet but we miss a lot of time proselyting. But its all good stuff. I enjoy it.

But on Friday we had this insane storm. Two tornadoes touched down in Bellevue which pretty close to us. Elder Finicum and i were in the car dry and it started raining. We then had to run inside for an appointment and literally in like the 10 seconds we were running from the car to the door we were 100% soaked. It was so bad. the wind like blew a bunch of trees over and the tornadoes like destroyed a bunch of houses. Luckily we weren't super close to the tornadoes so we didn't have any issues. I guess it knocked out like 80000 people's power though. Makes for an interesting evening to say the least.

I love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, June 12, 2017

New Ride

Hello everyone. Seems like the weeks have just gone by faster and faster...

We got a new car this last week. When i got the keys and started driving it, it has a total of 74 miles. Its super nice. Its a 2017 Toyota Corolla. There's pictures at the bottom. 

Seems like we haven't done anything super exciting this week. We have just had a lot of meetings and other things to do.... like apartment inspections. Lot of driving and looking at missionary apartments to see if they have burned it down yet or not. But i guess that's what we do haha.

 This next week is going to be super awesome though. We have Zone Conference tomorrow. Elder Finicum and i have been asked to give a "training" at zone conference so that's kinda fun. Hopefully it goes well and we don't corrupt 3 different zones! haha. 

We are also playing some softball after Zone Conference too. And We made had some Shirts made for our whole zone so its going to be super awesome.  

And the end of this week we are moving. The family we are living with is trying to sell their house so we are getting an apartment. There are pluses and minuses to both. It'll be good though. At least we will be in a more central location!

Love you all!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Glasses

On the Nebraska Omaha Mission Facebook page, these two pictures showed up.  For some reason Andy has white glasses on.  We asked him about it and he said he was just trying to be cool.  He doesn't need glasses but just wore them to be fun.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Gregs Baptism :)

Hey Family!

This week has been so awesome :)

Greg got baptized! It was such a great service. tons of missionaries that hat taught him showed up to support him. It was great. There was some great talk given too. Man in the short time that i have known greg i have seen him change a ton. He is such a happy guy all the time. Loves joking around too which is fun.

We also went to a funeral for someone this week. It was a Catholic Funeral... So it was quite interesting. Lets just say i am so grateful that we have the Fullness of the gospel. Having a complete knowledge of what the Plan of Salvation is really makes a huge difference too. Plus the whole priesthood thing is nice too...

Today was pretty sweet. We went to this one shop that has a ton of board games that you can just grab and play. So we got some good games of Settlers of Catan in. We also learned a few other ones too. It added a little variety to our P-days

So I was recently called to be a Zone leader and my family has a few questions that i can answer

what zone are you over? I am Over the Papillion North Zone right now.

are you being transferred? No. I was called a Zone leader At the beginning of this last transfer... just didn't tell you because yeah...

how many missionaries are in your zone? There is 18 missionaries in our zone. 10 Sisters and 8 elders including us.

Are you zone leader with another zone leader or just a companion? Yeah Elder Finicum is a Zone leader as well (my companion)

how often do you report to the Mission Pres? We report to him every week. Sometimes more than that.

Do you do interviews for baptism? Yes sometimes.

Love you all:)
Elder Carter