Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day!!!

Happy Fathers day! I'm so grateful for my dad and all his goofy antics. He's strange and weird in the best way haha.

Well this week was quite eventful to say the least.

We had a super sweet zone conference. We learned a ton of things about how to become more like Christ. I love the focus on self improvement that we have. 
And Elder Finicum and my training went pretty ok as well. Definitely could have been worse! haha
And then afterwards We got to play softball and it was so dang fun. Brought me back to the good ol days playin in baseball tournaments all over Idaho. And our shirts came out $$$ so that's a huge bonus.

We also had to move out of our house on Saturday... so that was kinda annoying. But we moved into a New apartment that is super nice. Its probably the best one i have stayed in. Staying in our own place has its benefits. We actually have our own fridge which is nice. But we don't have our own piano.. bummer.

We just have meetings all the time. Like this Friday we have a meeting with all the other zone leaders across the mission. Which will be super sweet but we miss a lot of time proselyting. But its all good stuff. I enjoy it.

But on Friday we had this insane storm. Two tornadoes touched down in Bellevue which pretty close to us. Elder Finicum and i were in the car dry and it started raining. We then had to run inside for an appointment and literally in like the 10 seconds we were running from the car to the door we were 100% soaked. It was so bad. the wind like blew a bunch of trees over and the tornadoes like destroyed a bunch of houses. Luckily we weren't super close to the tornadoes so we didn't have any issues. I guess it knocked out like 80000 people's power though. Makes for an interesting evening to say the least.

I love you all!
Elder Carter

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