Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Madness!

Hello Family! Hope you are all doing super well! I know my sis just moved her life to Oregon! I'm sure it will be good for her!

This week has been super good. On Friday we had interviews with the mission president, and we also had like a mini zone training meeting. He taught us a few things about planning to help us work more effectively which i thought was super awesome.

Then we went to the trail center with one of our investigators this week as well. His name is Greg. In the pictures he is the one in the blue polo. We had a great time and it was a good experience for him. Plus we got to dress up so that's kinda fun.

Greg is such a great guy! He is definitely different than any investigator i have taught. a few years ago he had a stroke that caused him to lose his speaking ability. He can really only say about 5 words that are easy to understand. But he really understands us well. He is actually going to get baptized this Saturday as well. Anyways we talked with him about the word of wisdom and he said he had given up coffee for over a month now. And he said he didn't need his coffee pot so he gave it to us. Hence the trophy pic at the end of haha. Every missionaries favorite award haha.

We are going on exchanges this week as well. Today actually. And i'm going with Elder Hughes! one of my previous companions. So that will be a blast.

Happy memorial day everyone!

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter​

Monday, May 22, 2017

New but familiar assignment

Ah Yes. Good ol transfers. The new area is Vastly different from my old area... But literally the two area's touch. It's pretty crazy how only a few miles can make a huge difference. I like it here though! there is lots of humble people just WAITING to be taught.

This last week we did some service at a food bank. Yes yes... those are gaylords.(see picture at the bottom) You're welcome grandpa. We sorted through all the food in them and put the expired food in the trash. So that was kinda fun! I found some nice Asian food. Surprise surprise!

We also just started a new initiative in the mission. We are doing a points competition. Basically you get points for doing missionary things and we are trying to get to a total of 15000 points as a mission. There will be some reward if we get to it. It honestly shouldn't be that hard of a goal to reach.

So for the first time ever, I live with Members! Its not really too much different than living on our own, but we do have a piano now! so that's kinda fun. I might want to get more sheet music or something. Who knows. We are moving again soon though, the members we live with are moving soon. TM
I know that this week we have interviews with President Gardner. so that'll be good as always!

Well i love you all!
Elder Carter

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day :)

It was so nice to talk to you all yesterday:) My family is fun. They are weird... but so am I so it all works out!

So it turns out that I am getting transferred! Surprise! found out this morning. I'm staying in Omaha but I'm just getting moved to a different area. Its like less than 10 miles from where I am at now. And I get to be with Elder Finicum again! Holy cow who would have thought that a year later we would be companions again! I was so surprised when President called me and told me that. But itll be good. I'm very excited!

I am sad to leave this area though. I wasn't here super long but I really liked a lot of the members. There was just a lot of great people here. I'm sure there will be good people in Rock Brook too.

This week wasn't too eventful. We did go on exchanges with Elder Arnold. It was tons of fun. He has some CRAZY mission stories. We talked to quite a few people and ran into some guy that was playing League. so that was pretty interesting. He was surprised that I knew what it was haha.

These last couple transfers have gone by so fast. Seems like its an exponential function. Just goes faster every day! I don't even know what has happened I feel like I just left my first area last week and now I'm in my 5th. Wild.

Well love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cinco De Mayo

🎊🎉🏋Feliz Cumpleanos a mexico. Taco taco burrito!🎠🎃🚭

[?][?][?][?]So my family knows that My dream was to go to South Korea. And On Thursday that dream was realized. A man in our ward, brother Anderson, Served his mission in south Korea so They had us over and he made some Korean food! It was probably the best day of my whole mission. Some of it was super interesting. It was actually quite good though!

We also were able to go with our investigator Jonas to the Trail Center! We had such a great experience and he learned so much. We were able to testify of the temple and help him see how important it would be for his life too. He will be getting baptized here in the next few weeks. And he is excited! and we are excited for him!

Mothers day is coming up so I thought I would take the time to give a shout out to my mother!!!She is so dang awesome. She's super caring and will do anything for us! She's also pretty funny. Love you mother:)

Hope all is going well for you! Church is true! book is blue!

Love you!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Parlez-vous français?

Well I guess my cousin Casey is married now. That's pretty interesting. Now I know what its like to be my brother. Always am the last one to find out what's happening.
But Congratz to him!

This last week has been super great. We had the temple trip on Tuesday! It had been quite a while since I had been and it was so great. Learned lots! can't wait to go back!

We also had interviews with President Gardner. He always has great advice for me. I can tell how much he truly cares about all the missionaries. He will do anything to help us. He helped me see how I can use a study journal better. That is one thing that I have been terrible at. But hey now I can improve!

On Thursday we had probably one of the best experiences of my whole mission. Definitely one that will and has changed my life forever. I'm sure I have mentioned our investigator named Jonas in previous emails, and we were going to visit him with our stake president. We thought it would be a good idea because our Stake President speaks French and Jonas was mostly raised in France. Anyways we got to his house and has just said a prayer to start the lesson when Jonas's wife and mother-in-law came in to show us some old documents that they had gotten from the RLDS church. In itself this was a blessing because Elder Boswell and I had been wondering what we could do to get them involved.

So we talked with wife an mother in law for a some time. Meanwhile our stake president was talking with our investigator in the background. There was two conversations going on at the same time. I wish I could have known what they were talking about (it was all in French) because I could see that it was the most genuine conversation ever. The wife and mother in law then left and we kinda sat awkwardly while they spoke in French to each other. From my limited knowledge of Spanish I was able to understand a little of what they were saying. Basically Jonas was saying that God had saved him for some purpose and he wanted to know what it was. Our stake president talked about baptism and about receiving the gift of the holy ghost and I assume he told him that that is what God wanted for him. Jonas then asked us what he needed to do to be baptized.

It really goes to show that the members are really the best resource. President Perkes did something for him that we could never do. We are not his peers. We can't connect with Jonas as he did. But God Knew what Jonas needed. And he prepared that moment from the beginning.

This week is Zone Conference! So watch for my pictures on Facebook!

Love you all!

Elder Carter