Monday, May 22, 2017

New but familiar assignment

Ah Yes. Good ol transfers. The new area is Vastly different from my old area... But literally the two area's touch. It's pretty crazy how only a few miles can make a huge difference. I like it here though! there is lots of humble people just WAITING to be taught.

This last week we did some service at a food bank. Yes yes... those are gaylords.(see picture at the bottom) You're welcome grandpa. We sorted through all the food in them and put the expired food in the trash. So that was kinda fun! I found some nice Asian food. Surprise surprise!

We also just started a new initiative in the mission. We are doing a points competition. Basically you get points for doing missionary things and we are trying to get to a total of 15000 points as a mission. There will be some reward if we get to it. It honestly shouldn't be that hard of a goal to reach.

So for the first time ever, I live with Members! Its not really too much different than living on our own, but we do have a piano now! so that's kinda fun. I might want to get more sheet music or something. Who knows. We are moving again soon though, the members we live with are moving soon. TM
I know that this week we have interviews with President Gardner. so that'll be good as always!

Well i love you all!
Elder Carter

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