Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Madness!

Hello Family! Hope you are all doing super well! I know my sis just moved her life to Oregon! I'm sure it will be good for her!

This week has been super good. On Friday we had interviews with the mission president, and we also had like a mini zone training meeting. He taught us a few things about planning to help us work more effectively which i thought was super awesome.

Then we went to the trail center with one of our investigators this week as well. His name is Greg. In the pictures he is the one in the blue polo. We had a great time and it was a good experience for him. Plus we got to dress up so that's kinda fun.

Greg is such a great guy! He is definitely different than any investigator i have taught. a few years ago he had a stroke that caused him to lose his speaking ability. He can really only say about 5 words that are easy to understand. But he really understands us well. He is actually going to get baptized this Saturday as well. Anyways we talked with him about the word of wisdom and he said he had given up coffee for over a month now. And he said he didn't need his coffee pot so he gave it to us. Hence the trophy pic at the end of haha. Every missionaries favorite award haha.

We are going on exchanges this week as well. Today actually. And i'm going with Elder Hughes! one of my previous companions. So that will be a blast.

Happy memorial day everyone!

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter​

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