Monday, June 5, 2017

Gregs Baptism :)

Hey Family!

This week has been so awesome :)

Greg got baptized! It was such a great service. tons of missionaries that hat taught him showed up to support him. It was great. There was some great talk given too. Man in the short time that i have known greg i have seen him change a ton. He is such a happy guy all the time. Loves joking around too which is fun.

We also went to a funeral for someone this week. It was a Catholic Funeral... So it was quite interesting. Lets just say i am so grateful that we have the Fullness of the gospel. Having a complete knowledge of what the Plan of Salvation is really makes a huge difference too. Plus the whole priesthood thing is nice too...

Today was pretty sweet. We went to this one shop that has a ton of board games that you can just grab and play. So we got some good games of Settlers of Catan in. We also learned a few other ones too. It added a little variety to our P-days

So I was recently called to be a Zone leader and my family has a few questions that i can answer

what zone are you over? I am Over the Papillion North Zone right now.

are you being transferred? No. I was called a Zone leader At the beginning of this last transfer... just didn't tell you because yeah...

how many missionaries are in your zone? There is 18 missionaries in our zone. 10 Sisters and 8 elders including us.

Are you zone leader with another zone leader or just a companion? Yeah Elder Finicum is a Zone leader as well (my companion)

how often do you report to the Mission Pres? We report to him every week. Sometimes more than that.

Do you do interviews for baptism? Yes sometimes.

Love you all:)
Elder Carter

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