Monday, February 27, 2017

Welcome to Nebraska

Hello Family and friends!

I was indeed transferred! I'm sad to leave Sioux Falls, there was a ton of great people there, members and investigators. I'm sure we will go back there and visit them. And Elder Matheson was so dang great. He will be a great missionary.

I'm now in Omaha! The dream baby! The area I'm in is SUPER small though... so who knows how this will go. Also its MEGA rich. Like... we have been knocking on million dollar homes... so that makes things interesting!  I have also never been tempted more to wear my crazy socks... Everyone in our ward this Sunday was wearing them. I guess its the new thing now.... who knew??

My new companion is Elder Wangsgaard. (pronounced wangs guard) He is from Utah like pretty much every one else. He's still pretty new so I'm working with him to make sure he is comfortable with everything. He is a shy timid kid. Hes nice. I'm hoping to get him out of his shell a little bit. I'm sure we will do a good job here together.

My goodness the weather here is crazy. Wednesday it was legit 70 degrees. And then Friday it snowed and it was like 15 degrees. And now its about 50 and all the snow is gone. Wild mid-west.

I met my first Scientologist. Talked to him for a couple of minutes at the door. They have some interesting beliefs. But hey i guess whatever floats your goats.

Love you all!
Elder Carter

Monday, February 13, 2017

Za Za Za Zone Conference!

Hello everyone,

This week has been super great! We had Two exchanges this week! We went with The Zone leaders on Tuesday and it was super great. I went with Elder George and we taught a ton of people. It was super cold so we did as much as we could to not have to go outside and freeze haha. Sadly sometimes its unavoidable but thats alright. 

Then we went on Exchanges with Elder Brandon! It also went well. We got to teach one of their New Converts. They are super awesome.

We also had Zone Conference this week! We learned so much about the Doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of christ is a way of life man! Everyone has got to live it! in 2 Nephi 5 27 it says they lived after the manner of happiness! Thats the doctrine of christ! As you live it you do become happy! We also talked a lot about What Moroni Said to Joseph Smith when he appeared to him. It was very interesting.

So weird picture of the week
Inline image 1

They have these signs all over the place here in South Dakota. I guess its where people have gotten in crashes and have died. These signs are quite shocking i think. South Dakotans just do what they want man. Why die?
I hope you saw some great pictures of me from zone conference! 

Thats all i got! 

Love you all!

Elder Carter

Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh wow what happened to January...

Oh wow what happened to January...

Well happy February everyone!

This week has been great! On P-day we played some board games which i thought was super fun. And my family knows that for whatever reason i am super duper lucky when i comes to board games. We played Settlers and Carcassone. I won. Go me. Haha i guess my hidden talent is dice rolling

So yesterday we went to the Ulrich's house for dinner! They are such an awesome family! They are the ones that we skyped at their house. They have 10 kids which is just CRAZY! but its pretty fun. Mom and dad- They said that when you want to come tour or whatever, we can stay at their house, super nice of them!

WE also had district meeting this last week too, talked a lot about hope and how it relates to faith. Which is good because i love those two attributes. We have a tiny district so we don't have a ton of discussion but it was still pretty awesome!

This upcoming week is going to be full of stuff! We are going on exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday so its going to be crazy. Zone Conference is also this Friday which is always super good! I'm excited to learn from President Gardner! I'm sure it will be great. I might be participating in a special musical number for zone Conference but i don't know yet. We will see how that goes.

Love you all! Hope the week goes well!

Elder Carter