Monday, April 11, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

This week seems to have flown by. Probably because we've been quite busy, so that's good. But anyways...

Last week, actually on Monday after P-day ended, we got a text from one of our investigators. She is probably like late 40's and from Vietnam. She speaks very little English so we have had a hard time teaching her in the past. Also she works a crazy work schedule so we haven't met with her in over a month. Anyways she texted us and said " I would like to be baptize but don't know how to do." My companion and I freaked. I have no idea what caused her to want to be baptized but it was a straight up miracle. We hadn't even really taught her. Her baptism should be this Saturday. It may change though cause we aren't sure what the bishop wants to do.

Anyways We have also been continually teaching Ricky and MJ. MJ is progressing to be baptized on april 23rd as well. They have made some serious progress in the gospel. I believe they sincerely want to change. The only problem is they may be moving out of our boundaries. we aren't sure how that will work out or anything. But if they do, we won't get to baptize MJ. But as long as she does get baptized, it doesn't really matter. They are super cool.

Fun story that I did: We were going to the house of one of our investigators. her name is lisa. This is how the conversation went

I said "hi is Jacki here?" (her name isn't jacki)
My companion blurts out semi under his breath, "lisa!"
"lisa here?" I immediately say.
Classic "call the investigator by the wrong name" technique. Works every time.

Also a few weeks ago I may have accidentally taught the trinity to someone. I was like "we are just sharing a message that Jesus Christ and God is our loving heavenly father." Butchered it. Man im as green as the grass. but its all good. maybe by the end of my mission ill be decent at teaching.

Anyways this week has been quite good. Hope all has gone well for all of you.

Elder Carter

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