Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Allergies Galore

Hi family :)

A couple few months ago i was wondering why i was getting so sick all the time. Well Sister Gardner suggested i go in to get tested for allergies. so i did. They tested me for 56 different things... and i'm allergic to 40 of them. Most of them are severe too. The doctor said i was literally allergic to the months march through October. Super fun! But hey now that we got that figured out i can finally start fixing it!

But this week has been pretty awesome. We have had so many nice people. We taught this one lady named Kassi and she was super accepting. She wants to learn more about what happens after we die which is perfect because that's what we share anyways haha. We are going back to her house this Thursday. Hopefully she will want to continue to learn! The gospel would be so good for her family!

In other news we had the cops called on us this week! That was a pretty cool experience. We were just walking down the street and this cop pulled up next to us and got out and was like "hey are you guys selling stuff?" we said nah we are just missionaries, sharing a message about Christ. He said some lady down the street called the cops on us because she thought we were scary. So that was pretty fun!

This week should go by super fast. Tomorrow is district meeting and then Wednesday is interviews with the mission president and then the weekend is General Conference! I'm so excited for General Conference! I love being able to hear what the apostles and prophet have to say to the people. Hopefully they will provide some good insight in this crazy world we live in today!
Talk to you next week! Should have some more fun things!

Elder Carter

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