Monday, October 3, 2016


Well hello family!

This Conference was GREAT!!! hope you all learned some new things! i know i did! I think its interesting how many people feel like there is different themes for conference! I obviously thought the theme was missionary work but thats because im a missionary... But i LOVED the talk by Oaks and the other one about the power of the book of mormon. What a great weekend its been!

So interviews were super good this last week too. I'm sure theres a picture of me on the facebook page as well. President Gardner shared some ways with me that i could improve my studies as well as increase the faith of my district. He is also starting to emphasize memorizing scriptures! so thats what ill be working on in the next few months!

This week i'm going on exchanges with some other elders in my district. It Should be really good. I'm excited to be able to help them in their area. We also have Zone training coming up this Thursday as well... and guess what mother... i am doing a musical number haha. Piano song! Hopefully i will be able to play it well enough without too much practice.

So there is a cat that lives around our apartment that likes to come up and meow at our door and one night we were just going inside and the cat came and we started petting it but the cat decided that it wanted to go inside. So it booked it in before we could shut the door. and it took us a while to get the cat out of our apartment. It started running around and jumping up on our study desks so we had to close all the doors around so it wouldnt get into the closets or anything. We finally got it out after some bribery with tuna.

Hope all is going well for you!


Elder Carter

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