Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Transfers once again!


Yes this week is transfers. I haven't found out for sure if i'm leaving yet but assume that i will. But you never know!

So last week i saw something that reminded me of my sister savanna, and this week i found something for Katie! Pretty cool i think. We knocked on all the doors on that street to. Most people were gone... But still worth a try i think haha.

 Inline image 1

Other than that it's been a pretty relaxed week. Just runnin around teaching people. One of the families we are teaching is the Castaneda family. They are soooo awesome. Two of their kids are super great. They will probably get baptized in the next few weeks i think. Hopefully they will be able to come to church, both of the parents are blind so they can't drive and we have been finding rides for them. But they are so awesome.

We had some good meetings this week with our stake president and another one with all the priesthood men in the stake about member missionary work. Seriously the comparison between the work the missionaries can do and the work the members can do is not even CLOSE. Definitely help out the missionaries any chance you get!

Love you all!

ELder Carter

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