Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!

Happy Halloween! Get lots of candy! Scare some people! Good times.

We as missionaries are not allowed to be out working on halloween night. We must either be in our apartment or be in a members home. and we aren't allowed to drive after 6 because of the kids running around. Its good to be safe. Tonight we will be going to one of our members houses, the prestons. It should be pretty fun. Ill take pictures!

 This week has been good! EXCEPT it got to below freezing... already. You will probably hear this like every week because its cold.

So my dad asked some more questions that i thought i would also answer in this letter:

What is sue falls known for?  Sioux Falls is known for... i don't really know. like everyone here is a doctor though because there are two pretty large hospitals.
How many stakes are there?  There is only one stake. I covers like... all of south Dakota and into Minnesota.
What part of Sue Falls do you live? we live in the city.

I do like it here in Sioux Falls though. The members are very nice and the city is pretty cool too. Theres like everything you could ever want here as far as like restaurants, stores etc goes. I'm sure i will enjoy being here!

We have been working a lot with a few people that will hopefully be baptized in the next few weeks. Most of the people we have been teaching have taken the discussions for a LONG time but for whatever reason they want to be baptized now. I'm sure ill say more about them in later emails.

Well thats about it for this week!

Love you all!

Elder Andy Carter

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