Monday, October 10, 2016

Dearest Family and Friends

Hello Dearest family and friends

Such a good week its been! Had some good lessons, some good trainings, and some good everything really!

So I saw this place today that made me think of my sister Savanna. She is a clogger and we walked by this studio that said "Foggy Mountain Cloggers" hahaha. Sooo close to rocky mountain cloggers. But anyways just thought id throw that one in there.

Also I got to pet one of the elusive black squirrels. We were talking to this guy on his porch and this squirrel ran up and started begging for food. Apparently this guy feeds all the neighborhood squirrels. So when it was eating i squatted down and petted it. Strangely the fur was actually pretty soft. I'd definitely keep one of them as a pet. Sept they'd probably climb all over the walls... Worth.

And another fun thing, Last week, we were over at one of our investigators houses and he was doing some work thing for a guy and taking pictures of his car and whatnot. We didn't think much of it but we talked to the guy for a while, he gave us a tour of his car too (it was a fancy new Tesla car said it was about $55000 or so).  Then on Tuesday last week we got a text from our bishop and was like Hey did you meet a guy named Elon Musk? And we had no idea who that was so we said no? Should we? And he said Well your investigator told me that you did. So we called up our investigator and i guess we did. Still didn't know who he was though and then we asked our bishop and he said "hes a billionaire/cofounder of Tesla." BILLIONAIRE?! yep. Met a billionaire right here in council bluffs.

We had Zone Training this week! and it was so good. We studied this talk called Purify yourselves, and basically its about how a guy fasted for 40 days from things that were holding him back from being a powerful missionary IE: Waking up late, not studying, thinking about women etc). So we are currently doing that same fast. Hopefully it will help us become better missionaries! I'm sure it will!

Hope you all are enjoying life!!! i know i am!

Love you!!

Elder Carter

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