Monday, September 19, 2016

Zone Conference with Elder Fallabella.

Hello family!

This week has been so dang good. so many things have happened!

So last p-day we went to this cookie shop called Ilene's cookies. Oh man they were so dang good. They reminded me of that one cookie shop in Utah that Uncle Blake took us to. Sept it was better!
We also played volleyball again. i'm going to be good when i get back i can tell. I got a few calls from the U.S. Olympic team but i had to turn them down cause i'm a missionary. And Coke wanted to sponsor me but i don't drink soda so that didn't work out. Or maybe none of that happened and i'm really not that good. its either one of those.

And i went on exchanges on Tuesday! I went with Elder Hubbard! it was so awesome. We taught all the people. Learned a lot and got some good advice for missionary work in the future

Then on Saturday we had a super sweet zone conference. Elder Fallabella From the first quorum of the seventy can and gave us some instruction. It was so good. It answered a lot of questions that i had concerning my area. He related our missionary efforts to the efforts of Ammon and Aaron in the Book of Mormon and told us that we should be focusing on the head of the household at all costs. Only after we have tried everything to teach the father should we continue to teach the other members of the family alone. So hopefully we will be able to do that. We have a few situations where that is applicable. There should be some more pictures on the facebook page! probably not as many because Sister Gardner was busy with other things but still!

It seemed like this week we were so busy teaching people. Everywhere we went there was someone that we were able to share the message of the restoration with. There are so many people that are prepared to hear the gospel! Like it says, the field is white... and when you harvest... the whole field gets harvested. we just gotta thrust in our sickle with our might, everything else is taken care of haha. Hard work and a testimony is all you need!

my dad asked these questions:
Is it getting colder yet? Its getting a little colder. Its about 70-80 degrees usually which is nice. still humid though
What do you do for exercise? Push-ups and sit ups. I'm up to 45 push-ups in a row.
Will you stay in the same area longer now that you are a DL? no. I will probably be transferred at the end of this transfer.
What perks do DL's get that others don't? none haha. I just give trainings every week and do exchanges with the other missionaries and do baptismal interviews
Are there Sisters in your District? yes 2 sets
Did you even catch the wild turkey? no. It disappeared. But there are so many turkeys around here. 

Anyways thats about it for this week! 
Love you all!

Elder Carter

p.s. this picture is us leaving for zone conference. (left to right) elder Hubbard, elder Hughes, me, and elder Christensen.

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