Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day

Hello everyone! 

Again apologies for the lateness, All the libraries were closed. I don't know why but all the holidays seem to fall on mondays... But oh well. here we are.

This week is transfers! Actually tomorrow is transfers. I am not getting transfered this time but i suspect that next transfer i will be. I get to stay in good ol greenview for another 6 weeks! i'm pretty happy about that.

I forgot to mention the last couple weeks that i got the package from the 5th ward! it was quite nice! Thanks for all the letters and candy and the tie! Always a good time getting things from home!

But this week had some ups and downs. At the begining of the week we found like 3 families that seemed pretty promising! we taught them the restoration and they all seemed interested but unfortunately the return appointments fell through. So hopefully this week we will be able to go back and teach them. Thats what we are going to be focusing on in the future is getting SOLID return appointments. I think its mostly my fault because we aren't reminding the people before so they can be there. But we will get it i'm sure.

Last week for P-day we played some super fun games of Volleyball with a couple of the members in our area. It was so so so fun. I finally got to realize my dream of being a setter for a volley ball team. But man volleyball is fun. we are playing again thisnext monday so i will be sure to get some pictures. And I hope katie knows that i'm comin for her when i get back. there will be a new volleyball master in town. haha.

I did bring my camara so attached are some more pictures from trainer/Trainee and my district picture.

Well talk to you all next week!


ELder Andy Carter

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