Monday, August 22, 2016

Zoo Adventures!

Hello family!

This week we went to the Zoo for P-day so thats why i am emailing later than usual!
It was so Fun! I LOVE zoo's and the Omaha Zoo was voted the best in the world recently! it was so great! Animals are the best. And of course we got to see some penguins so my life is made pretty much. They we awesome with their little flippers and their funny running :)

Anyways this week has been great. We have taught a TON of people. We were tracting one day and we actually found a member that had been lost from our records and he wanted us to start teaching his family. So we have been teaching them and we are hopefully going to be able to get them coming to church and be baptized. 

This week was stake conference for my stake. Again it was great! President Gardner Spoke at it and he actually gave us a shoutout haha. It was pretty funny. President is such a great guy. Seriously hes the best. I'm so lucky to have him as my leader. He's taught me so much and i hope i have the opportunity to work closer with him  because he is inspired.

But after stake conference, we took a gander at our car and noticed that the tire was FLAT... we ran over a screw... and so we had to put on the spare... But the tire was like so rusted on there that we couldn't get it off with 3 missionaries pulling on it.... It literally took us like 2 hours to try and get it off until finally we had some mechanic guy come over and ask us if we needed help. He just got under the car and did some magical thing (smacked it with a hammer super hard) and it came off. But anyways we dropped it off to get it fixed and it was supposed to be done at 3 and... its still not done. SO we don't quite know what to do yet. But thats alright

On Tuesday we have Trainer/Trainee Meeting which is going to be super awesome. President takes all the trainers and talks with them, helps them with any struggles and teaches them what to do. and the Assistants do the same with the trainees. I'm so excited to see all my trainer buddies from my last area too. It's going to be one big party. Except better!

Also Another intersting thing that happened this week, the Zone leaders have moved right above us. We live in a duplex and so its just us and them in this house. Its so awesome. These guys are great haha. We are havin a blast. 

Thats about it for this week

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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