Monday, August 1, 2016

New Area, New Companion, New Opportunities

Holy Moley what a week. As i mentioned in my previous email, Transfers were on wednesday. And Yes I got transferred. This is the story (yes word for word dad):

Tuesday morning... 7:23 AM we got a call from President Gardner. I was pretty much expecting it anyways because he had told me i would probably be training. Anyways he said "Elder Carter. I Have a new assignment for you... I need you to train a new missionary"

I said "Alright President I will do that."

He said "Thank you. I am also going to have you white wash an area (white wash is the term used when they transfer both missionaries out of an area and send 2 new people into the area instead). You are going to be in the Greenview, Council Bluffs Area."

I was definitely excited for that initially because i didn't want to serve in the middle of nowhere. But then i was totally scared because i had no idea what i was going to do. Neither of us have any idea of who the members are, the boundaries, streets, anything! And it was with a brand new missionary fresh out of the MTC! So i was responsible for teaching him how to be a missionary and also assigned to the task for learning the area. I was pretty sure President Gardner meant to have someone else do that...

That night we went over to the zone leaders apartment and traded ties and said goodbyes and whatnot. 

Then Wednesday morning we drove out to the transfer point and picked up Elder Finicum's new companion. He is also training a new missionary. Should be good. Then at around 12 o'clock I got on the transfer van and drove into Omaha to get my new companion.

So I got to the mission office, got my new companion and got the address to the apartment so that i could go drop off my stuff. We got the address and drove for about 20 minutes... to the WRONG place. The mission office had the wrong address! we ended up being like 30 minutes away from our actual apartment. Started off great if you ask me! haha. good times. I'm sure it wont be the last time we get lost!

Anyways my new companion is Elder Hughes! He is from Ephraim Utah! He just graduated high school and came out on his mission. Interestingly enough  He was probably in the MTC with my cousin Bryce. He seems like a pretty good kid so far and i hope that i will be able to train him well. I'm just afraid that my training with hinder his potential as a missionary... So I have to do my best to be my best. 

The area is Pretty sweet though! we are like RIGHT by Omaha. In the mornings, we sometimes run across the bridge into omaha thats how close we are. In fact part of our boundaries go into omaha, right next to the zoo... so i'm sure youll be seeing pictures of me at the zoo in the next few weeks. A few members said that we can use their season passes too so that will be sweet.

Basically we have been knocking a LOT of doors trying to find more people to teach. Still trying to get Elder Hughes to be comfortable with talking to random people! that will come with more practice. Its been good though! we have seen some success

Thats about it i guess. Again any questions, i would be happy to answer!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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