Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Where's Elder Carter going???

Yes yes it's time for everyone's favorite game of where's Elder Carter going??? Submit your guesses and you could be the winner of a brand new bottle of water!

Transfers are this Wednesday and I am more than likely getting transferred. My guess is I'm going to Watertown South Dakota. That is the northern most part of the mission. Its seriously like the middle of nowhere. Fun fun!!!

Find out next week on another episode of Elder's Emails.

Now for the more important news..... My Mother had a Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mother! She turned 29 again this year! I hope you had a swell time this week!

But hey this week has been quite fun! We have taught like a ton of single mom's that have been struggling with life issues. I guess the lord wants us to go bring comfort and peace into their lives! But it's up to them to take it in. also  this SUPER weird Jehovah's witness lady like stopped us in the car and was like "you guys Mormon?" and we were like yeah, and she was like " did you knock on that door over there? one that says no trespassing?" we were like no? she was like "well someone got shot there a couple days ago? don't you watch the news?" we were like oh no we actually don't. and she was like "well I'm Jehovah's witness and I do watch the news. Lots of bad things are happening. do you know why?" I said cause we are coming to the end? She said " yeah and Jesus is going to come back and take out all the bad people and you know whos going with em? False Religion." and she walked away hahaha. We just laughed it was funny.

But yeah this week has been really focused on studies. Our mission president has been emphasizing the importance of studies and diligence. So we've had some things that he wants us to do that I will be doing for the next while. For Every page in the Book of Mormon, he wants us to record the main doctrines taught and things that are important. So that will be great. I'm excited.

That is about it! Hope all is still going well!

Love you all

Elder Carter

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