Monday, July 11, 2016

Los Muchachos De Lincoln.

Hi everyone.

This week has been pretty sweet. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders and My Goodness they are busy. Elder Chamberlin and I taught 4 lessons that day. We were literally just running from place to place teaching people. we didn't even have time for dinner. But hey that makes the day so much more enjoyable.

As for us, we have actually been able to find some more solid investigators. We have one lady that is kinda concerned because she doesn't want to be the only black person in our church... Hahaha. But she really likes the book of Mormon and love what we have taught her so far and she probably will continue to progress.
We also got another lady that we taught. The first surprising thing about her is she actually remembered her appointment that she set up with us! that like NEVER happens. She even had like cookies and water and stuff for us. Super sweet. Then she like did a bunch of research online, ON THE PROPER WEBSITE!!! That is just crazy. No one does that either. Then she like actually read the pamphlet that we gave her. It was so sweet. She was like so prepared to listen to us. Hopefully she will continue to be interested and come to church and everything. She is super cool too. She reminds me a lot of my Aunt Tiffany. She looks a lot like her too. Shout out to you Aunt Tiffany.

We have been more busy this week than we have in the past, which is very good. I'm always glad when we are busy teaching and serving because it makes the days go much better. We are hoping to have some people be baptized in august sometime. I probably wont be here in Lincoln but that is fine with me!

Anyways Hope its been a great week for you all!

Love you!
Elder Carter

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