Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July!!!

Hi everyone! once again email is late because libraries were closed! hope that's alright with yall.

Holy Moley Fourth of July is crazy here. SO fireworks are only allowed to be sold the 3rd and 4th but after that like every firework imaginable is fair game. Everyone and their dog had like firecrackers and mortars and like all these crazy fireworks that are definitely illegal in Idaho. It was dang loud these last 2 nights. But it was kinda cool. Also we weren't allowed to go proselyte after 6 on p-day so it was like a full day p-day this time. Pretty fun.

Last week I also went on exchanges! I got shipped WAYYY out in the boonies (boonies is the colloquial term for country) And it was an interesting experience. It would be hard to find people out there because there Is like 6 people in the whole town and the next nearest town is like 20 minutes away. Also they only had 1 dairy queen and 1 subway. that was it. Small towns aren't fun man. Glad I'm still in Lincoln but in a couple of weeks who knows where I will go. My prediction is Minnesota.

We also have exchanges again tomorrow! This time its with the zone leader so it should be pretty sweet. I'm hoping that we will be able to teach a bunch of people. That's always the best.

Also this week is Zone training. So we will be getting trained by our zone leaders and sister training leader. They are usually pretty good trainings so that should be good as well.

Other than that it's pretty much been same ol same ol. Knockin on doors is the life! No sweet rejection stories this week. but stay tuned because I'm sure there will be some good ones comin.

Anyways love you all!
Elder Carter

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