Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Happy birthday to my sister Savanna! She's the best blonde sister I have ever had. I hope you have had a grand birthday! Love you lots!

Hope everything is going well. Hope the heat isn't killing anyone. It's gotten hot here... like... hot. But its much different here because of the humidity. So we have something called the heat index which is similar to the wind chill. They combine the heat and the humidity to tell what it actually feels like outside. Several times the heat index has been about 110. So its hot.

But Its been good. We have had a lot of opportunities to serve. Back in the day when my dad was elders quorum president, I thought we had to help people move a lot... but no. This last week alone we helped 4 people move. This week we have atleast 3 more. So we are always helping people move. Sometimes it takes like... 3 hours to get everthing unloaded. But its whatever. That's what we do!

Man these people are getting DANG creative about how they reject us. So we were like tracting down this street and this dude saw us down the block and he like busted out his guitar and started singing a song about how he didn't want us to knock on his door. It was so funny Sadly it was very unapproved otherwise I would have had him record it and I woulda bought it. I wish we had gone and knocked on his door though. That would have been the best.

We have been able to teach more lessons this week which I'm happy about because teaching is much better than tracting all day. But sadly we are probably going to drop like 60% of our investigators. They just aren't progressing or keeping commitments that we leave them. Which kinda sucks but that's alright. We are here to find the people that will be converted. not waste time with people  that aren't quite ready.

Well other than that not much else has happened. I'm not sick anymore so that's a plus. We are still tryin to get people to come to church and be baptized. Like usual. That's the mission life.

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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