Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's day special!!

First of all shout out to my Father! Happy Father's Day! Hope it was a great one.

My Father is a great man everyone. Nothin can stop the ol' man. Not even cancer! Yippee Cancer free! Now he can get back to playin tennis with a bunch of young punks. haha there's been a bunch of times where I say something then I facepalm because I realize that's something my dad would say. Hes contagious for sure. Love you Father! :)

This week has been weird. Seems like we just had a bunch of errands to run rather than doing normal missionary work. We had to drive out to pick up some mattresses for one of the sister's in our district on Wednesday so that was fun. We also helped like 30 people move this week. (not really 30 but a lot) As far as teaching goes, we had so many appointments cancel on us. Its super weird because every time we try to bring a member with us to a lesson, it gets canceled... but whatever, like Elder Holland says, we get points for trying haha. But its fine we are gunna keep tryin to get the members involved.

Other than that I got sick again! Yippee! I don't know why I keep getting sick but it truly is terrible.

Something else that's pretty interesting is we have fire flies galore here! It's pretty sweet cause we will just be walkin around and we will see like bursts of light all around us. Quite magical indeed.

We had stake conference yesterday as well. We had this sweet area 70 dude come and speak. He's from Zimbabwe and so he had a super thick accent. But he was hilarious. He said that when he first got called he went to a large meeting with the quorum of the 12 and elder Holland came up and started playing with his cheeks. His talk was great too. He committed everyone to invite someone to be taught by the missionaries. Which is great! more work for us!

Anyway love you all!

Elder Carter

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