Monday, June 13, 2016

Hotter than Hades

My goodness its hot here. Like it has been right around 100, 102 this week. And its starting to get humid too. So life has been quite spicy. But we livin.

Anyways this week has some quite funny things happen. So we were knocking on this door and a little girl opens the door and with the most excited voice of a young child yelled "MOMMY!!!" until she realized it was two random dudes in white shirts at which point she sadly sighs "oh...." and shuts the door. We just started laughing super hard haha.

Then we had this one lady weirdly reject us. Elder Finicum like knocked on the door and asked if we could share a message with her and she was like (semi rudely) "oh honey i dont need it. I go to church" then I was like ok well is there anyone around here that could use an uplifting message about Jesus Christ? She looks at me straight in the eyes and slowly shuts the door. Like.... Exaggeratedly slow. It was weird and funny.
One other funny thing happens in relation to the next thing that was big news:

Two convicts of a federal prison escaped and were running around Lincoln... in sort of our area. Apparently they had assaulted some lady after their escape and were still running from the cops. So like there was search helicopters flying all around looking for them and such and a bunch of roads were closed... it was a fun time. But anyways we were out visiting people, like usual, and we knocked on one of our investigators doors. They came out and were like man we thought you guys were gunna be the fugitives... we ain't takin any company right now... its too dangerous you guys should go home.

But other than that it has been a pretty good week for us. We have been able to teach quite a few lessons and got some sweet new investigators that could possibly be baptized in the next few weeks more to come on them probably in the next few weeks. UNLESS I get transferred. Transfers are this Wednesday so I could be in some random place in Nebraska/Iowa/Kansas/South Dakota/Minnesota. EXCITING!!!

This pday we went bowling!!! We did some sweet trick shots... One of them was reading the Book of Mormon while bowling. Just so everyone knows I got a strike on the one you see of me. Scripture power is real man.
Also the other picture is with a SWEET penguin wind chime. I creepily took a picture on someone's front porch because I love penguins so much. Hopefully no one saw that.

Welp that's pretty much it. Next time you hear from me i could be somewhere else! Who knows!

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