Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sunshine Blessed Sunshine

Well hello there everyone! Hope everyone had as splendid a week as I did.

First of all congratz to my cousin Bryce again for going through the temple and taking out his endowments! Super cool that he has made that choice in his life to follow Christ more fully and take that step. I'm excited to hear about his mission experiences because he will probably be the best in the west. Obviously I'm the best in the mid-west... ok ok maybe not.... but hopefully one of the top 200 missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission.

Anyways This week has been quite interesting. Good ol' satan is attempting to bring me down. Not a lot of success has happened. But some of the bad success has been quite funny. So we were trying to go see this less active member of our ward that we had never met and we went and set up an appointment for quote "around 10" on Friday morning. So we roll up to the house its 9:45. We knock on the door. Dude opens the door and is like... "when I said 10:30 I meant 1030. You interrupted a match, in the middle of a stream (my family knows he was probably playing league...) do not come back" and slammed the door. My theory was he had just died and so he was a little EXTRA mad. But we just laughed and walked away.

But amidst the terrible success we have had there has been some shining moments. The lord works in very mysterious ways... Elder Finicum had to go to the bathroom. so I was driving to go somewhere that had a bathroom, and the closest one was a burger king. So I pull into the parking lot and Finicum is like "not not burger king!!" so I was like whatevs. I just drove a little down the road to a gas station... and lo and behold one of our investigators that we have been trying to get ahold of for WEEKS just happened to drive up at the same time... coincidence... I think NOT! pretty cool.

Also I have been praying just to find people that we can teach. I really don't care who or what I just want to teach people. anyways we pray about our tracting and one day I saw this street called... ponderosa. Definitely a sign because that was where Grandpa Wardle took us to go golfing. So we went. And The last house on the street was a super super nice family. They let us in and we had a great lesson. Unfortunately they weren't interested in reading the Book of Mormon but that's alright. I was grateful for the blessing of being able to teach.

I love reading the book of Mormon. Its literally the greatest book on earth. If any of you haven't read It, read it for me. I promise it will make your life better if you live its principles. Having read it 3 times since I got here, my faith in Christ has grown more than ever and I KNOW it will do the same for you!

I love you all!
Elder Carter

Here are some new pictures of Andy from his mission.  This week his area got the chance to go to the temple so the mission president's wife took some pictures.

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