Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day!

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm late, the libraries were all closed yesterday for memorial day.
I hope the holidays have been good for everyone! Thank you to all the veterans that served in the armed forces! and thank you to the wonderful ancestors of mine that have helped bring me to the spot I am in now!

So this week was pretty good. We have finally started to see more success with tracting and such. For some reason we had had really bad luck with trying to find more people to teach in the last few weeks. But that's alright it happens. So this last week we actually got a decent amount of people to let us talk to them. Not sure how many of them will actually progress but its always good to be able to teach.

Other than that though its been SUPER rainy. So on Thursday we were attempting to go tracting but literally it was insane amounts of rain. From the time we got out of the car and RAN to the door we were completely soaked. Like it was seriously a matter of 5-10 seconds and we got drenched. So that makes tracting quite rough haha. But hey its all part of the experience:P It's atleast a good story to tell. We have had flash flood warnings for the last like 3 days because of the rain. But I believe its going to calm down over the next few weeks. fun times!

I got to give a training in district meeting! It was about hope and how hope helps us find people to teach (ironic because that's something we need help with) and so I gave about a 20 minute training with scriptures and quotes and whatnot. Hopefully it was not bad! I don't really know haha. But I definitely learned a lot of things from it.

So for P-day yesterday we Didn't do the normal thing! Surprise! no ball... Because a lot of the other missionaries were not going to come. So instead we were invited over to play board games at a member family's house. I love me some good board games! My dad will be happy to know that we played quite a bit of "mission" Uno. They liked it a lot. But they didn't like the fact that I gave out random amounts of cards haha. they didn't quite get that it really didn't matter. It was a relaxing day for sure.

Well that's probably about it for me! Hope all is going well for everyone!

Love ya!

Elder Carter

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