Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Survived the tornado

Surprise!!! not dead! I kinda left my last email in a cliff hanger. Hopefully you weren't too worried about me:P
So yes we did indeed have a tornado. I touched down pretty close to where were email at actually. Now I don't know if you know this but when there is a tornado, the sky turns like a gross green color. The hail was pretty large, some of it was like golf ball sized where we were. we saw pictures of softball sized hail about 2 miles away from us... I'm glad we weren't in that. but yeah we had to chill in the shelter for like 2 hours. then we were able to leave while it settled down a little so we drove back to the zone leaders apartment. I bought pizzas for us and we had a nice pizza party. It was quite a good time.

But yeah other than that I mean this week has been a little bit more boring. We are in a phase where we are dropping a lot of our investigators... so we are spending a lot of time trying to find some new ones. But that's alright, it definitely happens especially when a new missionary comes in and after a baptism.

So I had my first talk on the mission! We were called like on Thursday afternoon and apparently the other speakers had to back out... so we were asked to give talks. My talk was on the talk by Mervyn B. Arnold, "to the rescue" which was quite appropriate for a missionary. Gave me plenty of time to tell the ward to help us out with missionary work haha. But yeah I think I did alright. it was like 18 minutes-ish so I believe I took enough time. 

Hope it was good.

Guys this church, this gospel we all live is so true. I hope you know that! I have had the opportunity to teach a lot of people from other faiths and learn about the other faiths and their doctrine and I'm so grateful that we have the fullness of the gospel because it's complete! No guessing games needed! Unfortunately I have gotten into a couple bashes with other people and just things in this gospel are so clear and its great. Often times it's taken for granted, I know I did back in the day because I really didn't know much else. but its all true.

Yes I brought my camera this time... I win this round.

Life is grand guys! Keep livin the dream!

Love you all!

Elder Carter



All of the Elders in the tornado shelter at the library.


Black squirrls

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