Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Hello everyone!

Happy mothers day to all the females in the world! Although not everyone has children of the own, we all have a mother! Hope it was a great day!

Ok so I realized last time that I didn't attach the pictures to the email last time... and great news! I didn't bring my camera with me today... I failed you all. next week! (if I remember)

So this week was transfers! I was not transferred! so I'm staying in Lincoln for at least another 6 weeks. Which is good cause I like Lincoln. But my companion did get transferred. Elder Karl got sent to Omaha. My new companion is Elder Finicum. He's pretty sweet. We get along well so far! but time will tell I guess.

Things are different now because like half our ward is moving out, they just graduated dental school so they are getting real jobs now.  We got a new ward mission leader and new elders quorum president and like a ton of other things too. But its all good.

We have zone training coming up this Wednesday so that should be pretty fun. We have to redo the zone Olympics because half our zone is gonezo now. But basically zone Olympics is like a free-throw competition, sprint contest and some other things too but its kinda fun. Then Zone conference is next week so youll probably see a lot of pictures posted on the facebook page. I know my mother enjoys all of those cause I don't. pictures... not my thing
So my family knows that I am quite a small kid. Before I came out here, I was able to fit inside one of my own suitcases. My companion had a duffle bag and I said I could easy fit inside. He didn't believe me. The proof is in the pictures. Good to know im not too fat yet.

Well theres not too much to report on as far as the work goes. except the first day that Finicum was here we taught like 5 lessons which is pretty sweet. But other than that its been a decently slow week. But that's alright, I'm sure it will pick up.

Well hey good news we just got a tornado warning and now we have to go into the tornado shelter. But I love you all! Be careful!

Elder Carter

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