Monday, December 19, 2016

Tis the season!

Well hello family! Hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season that is upon us! I know i am not. Yeah so it was so cold here that they canceled church. Legit. It was too dangerous to be outside for more than 4 minutes. You get frostbite too fast. its was about -45 here. It was so dang cold. Just going from the car to the houses was just bone chilling. But hey makes for a great story. I'm down to 2 fingers.. the rest of them froze off.

We were able to go down to Omaha this Tuesday for Trainer/Trainee meeting. Its was pretty great. I was able to talk with president Gardner for quite a while about investigators we have and what to do to help them. He is such an inspired man. We learned lots of great things to do to help our area progress.

Then we went on exchanges this week as well with the zone leaders! I went with elder baize and it was the best! Elder Baize is like my favorite missionary! hes so dang awesome. I feel like i learned so much from him, hopefully he didn't feel too burdened by me haha.

This upcoming week is going to be zone conference! So we get to learn more things! Zone Conferences are always my favorite meetings. We are also doing a talent show and white elephant gift exchange. And i signed up to play the piano. Hope all the fighting with my mother about practicing and taking lessons paid off! haha

I'm excited for Christmas to talk to my family! going to be a great day!

Love you all:)
Elder Carter

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