Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Season

Hi everyone!

The christmas season is so nice as a missionary! It seems like hearts are much more open here than before! Its probably because everyone is trying to focus on christ a little bit more! Because of that we have been able to teach a lot more people! WE also get to go do fun things like caroling! We Have gone out at nights and gone carol tracting instead of just regular tracting! It works so much better that way. Except its cold... Tuesday it was -20 wind chill. SO thats interesting.

Zone training this last week was so good! I Learned so much that i can apply in my life as a missionary. One of the focuses was to use our missions to get to know christ more. I Have thought about that alot recently and i will be working on that because its a unique opportunity that we won't get again in our lives.

This week, actually tomorrow, we will be going down to omaha for Trainer/Trainee, so mother watch on the facebook page for pictures! Cause i'm sure sister Gardner will be taking some. I'm excited to be taught by President Gardner and the AP's, always inspiring.

So something kinda interesting about here... the snow is like... Dry? its weird. Its alot like sand, in snow form. So no one is able to make like snowmen or have snowball fights or anything... kinda sad But thats alright i guess, not like i could do any of that anyways!

Well i hope you all are having a fantastic Christmas Season!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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