Monday, February 22, 2016

1 down 23 to go!

Hello fam.

Yes yes I know... Im almost home! my 1 month mark was on Saturday. Ill be back before anyone knows im gone.

So a few fun things about Lincoln:

They have BLACK squirrels here. Its super weird. They look like skunks kinds.

They also have a ton of bunnies everywhere. They just run around all the time. They aren't like jack rabbits that we have at home or whatever you call them, but like legit bunnies. Short little legs big floppy ears. Everywhere. Nebraska is weird.

This week went by so fast. It seemed like we had 2 P-days because we emailed on Tuesday so that was nice. We had our first district meeting. Which was eh. Its a lot of things we already "knew" but its definitely good to go over them again. Taught a bunch of new people this week. Still working on getting people to progress further but we got a lot of potential.

One dude we met is named ricky. We met him on accident actually. So we were going to a house that was supposed to be a sister that is less active in our ward but when we showed up and knocked on the door, ricky answered. apparently he had just moved in a week or so ago from Texas. He was like yeah I used to go to y'alls church. We taught him and his fiancé and they are quite interested in the gospel and such. Fun times. He's also a professional boxer so good to know we got him on our side now.

Funny story from this week.
We went to this one house later at night, and knocked on the door and he came out. He was so so so drunk. we could smell it through the door. Anyways he told us to have a seat and tell him what's going on. We started telling him about the book of Mormon and he said he knew it backwards and forwards. He started telling us a story about how the Mormons were supposed to be in Mexico but they came to winter quarters and they started a war with the Sioux Indians and Brigham Young paid for everything and fontenelle didn't want to go and then the Mormons snuck into Utah. We legit just laughed. Then we said hey want to be baptized, great, heres a book of Mormon, see you later man! And walked off. Probably the funniest experience we had so far.

So I don't have any pictures to post, but we do have a trainee trainer training tomorrow so im sure sister gardner will have pictures posted with us in them. I have no idea what the training will be but we are going to Omaha for it so itll probably be pretty good.

We are also going on exchanges this Thursday with the zone leaders. Hopefully that'll go well also.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to know/see pictures of anything!

Love Elder Carter

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