Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines Day!

Hello family!

First of all sorry for not emailing yesterday! Presidents day closed all the libraries in Lincoln and that's where we email, so we had to postpone it til today!

But yeah Happy Valentines day on Sunday! Hope everyone's valentine left them something! Thank you to my Mother for continuing the tradition of leaving us gifts on Valentines day! She sent me some Gigantic cookies which my companion and I enjoyed very much!

Goodness gracious this week has been nutz. So In our mission the goal for new investigators each week is 4. But my companion and I have challenged another set of elders in our district to see how many new investigators we could find. At the end of the week we had found 15 new investigators haha. We saw our mission president at a baptism and told him and he was super impressed. Honestly we found more than that because a lot of them didn't speak English and we gave them to the Spanish elders. But yeah. We worked hard. Sadly the other elders beat us... by 10. They got 25. that's insane. they are finding MASTERS.

Cool/fun stories for this week:
We were tracting in an apartment complex that was outside and we knocked on the door but no one answered. We walked around the corner and on the top floor was a dude that was like "Hey are you guys Mormons" we were like yeah and he was like "well you should probably just leave then, we don't want you here" We were like whatever and knocked on another door. The dude came out and we started teaching him but they guy on the balcony kept chiming in with things like "just tell them to leave man." our investigator Was super chill about it though. He was like man that guy is closed minded and all this funny stuff. Then like we talked about the BOM for about 5 minutes and the guy on the balcony was like "HEY GUYS I just found some platinum plates over there! I'm the only one who can read them though but you should follow me instead." We just busted out laughing.

Next story was we were going to be short on our investigator goal for the day and we prayed to get another investigator by the end of the night to meet our goal. We walked into another apartment complex and we could hear these two people in their apartment being super loud, swearing like none other and sounded like they were fighting... so we ignored that door and did all the rest... no one answered. We walk back to that door and my companion looks at me and is like "this is gunna be funny, watch this" and knocks on the door. This SUPER drunk dude and his girlfriend answer the door. The guy had been to prison 5 times. Rough character. But they were so nice to us. They invited us in and offered us some vodka. They wanted to listen to our message, maybe because they were drunk who knows. But yeah we taught them and it went super well. Not what I was expecting but I guess the lord knows better than we do!

Lincoln is great I love being here. All the missionaries in the area are super chill. We all play bball on pday's and we go to lunch too so we've gotten to know them all pretty well. They are just like a bunch of college guys haha so its super fun. They are great missionaries too. Dedicated to the work. Glad I can be here with them.
I love being a missionary, spreading the joy of the gospel.

Have an amazing Week Everyone!

Elder Carter

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  1. great letter! He is doing wonderful. I love the story of going back to the apartment where there was yelling. I can just feel what he must have felt standing at that door. That is courage, and conviction, and love of all mankind. What a great missionary!