Monday, March 21, 2016


Well well. Two months down already. I'm getting old. But I feel like I still just started yesterday. I know NOTHING. but hey... I'll get there.

Transfers! They are this Wednesday! Don't know what's happening but yeah! The transfer is over! One down a bunch to go! I don't think Ill get moved but who knows. Maybe I will.

This week was much more mellow than last week. We did have a sweet lesson with one of our investigators though. Her name is Ariana and she has a 2 year old son. We invited her over for dinner in a members home. It was super sweet. She brought her son and we talked about the plan of salvation. The family we were with (the Welch's) Talked about how important the plan was to their family and what it meant for them and their new baby. Super sweet. We are very hopeful for Ariana. she seems to be progressing well and hopefully she will want to be baptized.

On Sunday we did have 2 investigators come to church! one of them we totally didn't expect to come. His name is Frank. He kinda just showed up out of the blue. We had called him and texted him without a reply so we didn't expect him there but he came! the other investigator is Lisa and her daughter Anna. They are a super sweet family too. Very accepting of us and everything we teach.

Hey this weekend is Easter! Hope everyone takes time to appreciate the atonement that Christ preformed for us all. If you get a chance check out the churches new video called #hallelujah! its quite sweet. Also watch the older video called Because He Lives. They are both great. Post em on facebook! super easy way to share the gospel without confronting people!

I guess I don't have much else to say this week! sorry for the lame email everyone! don't be mad.

Enjoy Springtime everyone!

Elder Andy Carter

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