Monday, March 7, 2016

Springs a comin.

Goodness gracious family! Mission life is best life.

First of all congratz to my main man Bryce for joinin the crew! The lord's elite! Being a missionary is so rewarding im sure youll seen In a short few months. I'm super excited for ya, I hope you're excited too. I expect the whole state of California to be baptized before you come home. OK ok... not the whole state just your mission area.

Miracles man. They are everywhere. They come in weird ways too. My companion and I were about to die on fast sundaybecause yeah.. fast sunday... but anyways it was like 5 oclock and we had dinner scheduled for 530 so we were about ready to go over to the members house. They call us up and are like hey we actually have to push it back to 630 because my husband wont be home yet. We were like ok no big deal we are only about to starve but we can do that. (no we didn't really say that) So we like adjusted our plans and decided to go see this less active dude. Well before we got there we realized they don't even live there anymore but we decided that we were supposed to go there for a reason or the lord wouldn't have has us write them down. Anyways we go the the house, theres a dude sitting out front who tells us to go see his neighbor so we do. We knock on her door and she comes out and talks with us. She lets us share our message with her and it went super well. At the end of the lesson we ask her to say the prayer. She says she doesn't know how but we gave her instructions and the blueprint thing we have in the pamphlet. Her prayer was the most innocent, sincere prayer every. like when a child says a prayer. So great. Anyways her name is Ariana and we will be seeing her later this week.  There's no way we would have met her if we had our dinner at 530 like we planned. No way it was a coincidence. It may seem like a rare thing for that to happen but no, it happens all the time.

Anyways as for fun stories this week week we met another drunk dude that said he was Mormon and was baptized when he was like 4. he wasn't. When we left we shook his hand and he said "you just shook the hand of satan". Weirdo's man. Don't drink, it messes you up. But since theres like nothing to do in Nebraska, drinking is quite popular.

My goodness I love being a missionary. I'm terrible at like... everything... but hey I got the lord with me so that's all I need. the rest will come. All I gotta do is keep living the rules. Man if anyone has doubts about serving because they don't know if they are prepared, get out and do it. In our weaknesses, we are made strong.

Gospel is true fam.

Love Elder Carter

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