Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

🎉Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!🎉

What a wonderful time! Yay everyone can make new years resolutions and only do them for like 2 weeks. Huzzah.

This week has been so awesome! Anthony Was baptized on wednesday! It was such a good service! He is very committed and excited to progress. Hopefully He will be able to continue in the gospel and make it to the temple!

We have been runnin around teaching people again. I think this is the busiest area i have been in! Its been lots of work but lots of fun as well! We have some promising investigators that will probably be baptized in the coming weeks. More to come on them in future weeks. 

This upcoming week is exciting! So our mission is doing a scripture memorizing initiative, and you get a prize for memorizing a certain amount of scriptures and one of the prizes is going to the temple! I'm going on a super secret temple trip this week on Friday. I'm excited about it! 

I hope this  year is a great one! see you all in 2018.

I love you!

Elder Carter

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