Monday, January 30, 2017

New year new schedule!

Big news for this year! On Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast where they announced 2 pretty big changes. They changed the missionary schedule quite a bit. Now instead of planning at night, we plan in the morning, and companion study was moved to the afternoon. I think they mostly changed the schedule to allow for more personal time to make it less stressful for missionaries. Also it will make the adjustment to coming home better because it has more flexibility.
The other change was to the "key Indicators" and if you don't know what that is thats fine, we just don't report basically anything except baptisms, investigators with a baptismal date, investigators that attended sacrament meeting, and new investigators.
I'm excited to compare this schedule to the last one, since i basically have equal time with both.

We also had interview this week with President Gardner! He and I talked quite a bit about what i would like to do with the last half of my mission. He helped me set some goals and gave me some ideas for what i should do to accomplish them. Hopefully i can continue to progress in my skills and effectiveness!

Other News, It snowed 7 inches on tuesday, it was pretty crazy. There were so many cars that got stuck, so many accidents, everything. Our car is one of the worst in the mission as far as driving in the snow goes. Its light weight, and two wheel drive, so we didnt even drive until wednesday night because we couldn't get out of the parking lot. so thats kinda fun!

Overall it has been a really strange week. Seems like a lot of things got in the way of procelyting. but hey thats how it goes sometimes. This week is supposed to be pretty warm, so the snow will probably be gone.

Well love you all!
Elder Carter

Below are some pictures from the mission facebook page.

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