Monday, January 16, 2017

I had a dream

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

You know the weirdest thing about missionary work is definitely the dreams. There's so many times when I have dreams that I'm doing something but I'm still a missionary and I start freaking out because I don't have a companion or I'm not doing something productive. It's pretty funny! 

This week was transfers! And nope I didn't get transferred! Still here in Sioux falls. I'm excited! We have a lot of good stuff going so I didn't want to get transferred.

I guess today it's supposed to heavy ice rain. Like the whole mission is shut down right now because the weather is too bad. Ironically we haven't had it happen yet... typically we are the first ones. But I'll take it!

It's interesting that the Lord wants to make sure that we are busy. We have had to "drop" some investigators this week but we have been able to find quite a few more. Equal if not more than we had before. I'm so grateful for that because I really don't want to be outside in the -10 degree weather. And I guess Heavenly Father doesn't want that either!

This week we have exchanges coming up again! I'm excited, it will be with our new district leader! His name is Elder Connolly, and I don't know him that well so I'm excited to get to know him.

Well talk to you next week!

Love you so much!

ELder Carter

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