Saturday, March 25, 2017

Music-Post Monday!

Hello! Glad my family decided to ditch me and go on a cruise...

But this week has been super good! My goodness There was so much music stuff that happened... On sunday there was a lot of our ward members gone because of Spring Break and so They asked me to play the piano for The Primary. That was super interesting. I didn't do that bad surprisingly... But not that good either.

Then this week the Papillion Stake decided to do a missionary musical fireside which all the missionaries in Omaha Participated in. It was very focused around Eternal Families Which is always a great topic for people to hear. There was a ton of childrens songs which is pretty interesting because we don't get to sing those too often! But it went really well!
For this Fireside I was asked to sing in a special Quartet number! I really enjoy that because most of the rest of the fireside was in Unison... And Harmonies sound so much better! So I'm glad that I got to do that. Hopefully there will be another one of those pretty soon!.

On top of preparing for all of that... I had to speak on sunday! I thought it went ok, I had a lot of material and not a lot of time so I had to cut out quite a bit of what I was going to say. But that's a good problem to have!

This week we have zone conference Which should be super good. I am also playing a special musical number for that... guess all the music skills I have learned in my life are ACTUALLY coming to use :P haha

Well I'm just happy to be here!

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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