Monday, March 6, 2017

Livin' in the Ridges.

Shout-out to my sister for being a better student than me! Got into BYU and BYU Hawaii! Too good... too good.

Zone Training was this week! It was super awesome! we learned a ton of things about personal revelation! And my mother will be happy to know that I did a special musical number for it! And it went pretty awful to be honest but hey its the thought that counts right? Oh and I will be doing another one for zone conference in 2 weeks... so at least I have some more time to practice!

We also did the Zone Olympics. I qualified for the Mission Olympics in the free throw competition. Hopefully I can bring home the gold for good ol' Two T.

We have spent a ton of time working with members in this area. But man I don't know if it was like national go-out-of-town week or what because like Every Door we knocked on no one was there... Even our members! But hey that's No worries. At least we aren't getting beat up and robbed like we did in Council Bluffs  (JK mom I have never been robbed or attacked.)

I like being in Omaha, In a couple of weeks the Omaha zone's are participating in a musical fireside that will be super awesome I'm sure. I might be in a quartet or something with a few other missionaries so that should be fun!

So there is a member here that is From Twin Falls! Her name is Sister Call. She is related to the Crowley's and so we had a nice time reminiscing about the promised land. Its pretty funny because a few weeks ago Lauren Crowley emailed me and told me to watch out for her family and I thought there was no way I'd ever see them... and now here I am in their ward. Pretty ironic!

Well Love you all!

Elder Carter

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