Monday, March 27, 2017

Olympic Fail

Well... I failed us all. I had one Chance to represent Twin Falls and I failed. I didn't win the Free Throw Competition in the Olympics this year... I cracked under the pressure. I made only 7 out of 10 free throws and the winner made 8. Disappointing I know. Sorry family. Sorry Idaho... Sorry America. Maybe next yea..... oh nope I don't have another chance.

But Zone Conference was Great. always love learning more about the gospel from President Gardner. I Also did my musical Number for Zone Conference and it went ok. The Piano that I was playing on was WAY out of tune so it like freaked me out and definitely didn't sound as good as our 100 year old piano at home. But that's all good. Guess they just don't make em like they used to.

Elder Wangsgaard and I Are doing really well. We doing anything and everything to try and find people to teach! We have had some good success recently so its been going pretty well! And its crazy that transfers are already this upcoming week! I suspect I will be here for a little longer but with President Gardner you really just don't know. This transfer has gone by so fast though

As im sure you all know this week is General Conference! I'm super excited to be able to listen to The Prophet and Apostles and learn from their teachings. Should be a great weekend

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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