Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Greetings

So I don't know if anyone has seen the Jim Gaffigan Comedy piece where he talks about holidays but we have been talking about that a lot here. So he talk about how Illogical the easter season is....
 What can we do to celebrate the saviors resurrection?
 How bout eggs???
ummm What does that have to do with Jesus?
Alright we'll hide 'em.
I don't follow your logic.... (just watch the video its funny.)

This last week was Transfers and I got a New companion! I stayed here in Omaha. My New Companion is Elder Boswell! He is from Tooele Utah. Hes been out for a little less than a year. Hes a funny guy and we will have a great time together! I'm excited for this new transfer.

Hopefully you all have seen the new Easter Initiative. If not here is the link...
Watch it or we can no longer be friends.

So I heard that my sister's are both super awesome, Savanna Got 4th on her Solo in clogging! Congrats to her! And my other sister Katie Just won another tennis match! Soon she will take over the state.

This last Sunday was super crazy. We went to church for 6 hours... One of our investigators, Jonas, wanted to come to church but he could only make it for the ward that goes before ours. So we went with him. It was super good. And then we went to our ward. So we were at the church for such a long time... Makes fast sunday go by much faster though. So that was nice! Also our bishop asked us to be in the ward choir. So we also do that Which is nice because I like singing anyways.

This transfer is going to be crazy... Interviews Zone Conference, Zone Training, and temple trip all in 6 weeks. So that will be super fun! I'm excited :) Also I'm sure my mom is keeping track but Its Mothers Day this transfer too! so ill get to see many of you soon!:)

Well I love you all! (unless you didn't watch the video)

Elder Carter

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